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Old 19th January 2013, 09:29 PM   #11 (permalink)
Harmless - Post: 4


Yeah I am 17 haha, I own battlefield 3 and my computer can play it fine, i just personally enjoy titan mode it such a good idea and i cant see why they don't make a updated version of battlefield 2142 to use the frostbite 2 engine maybe? and yeah as i said i would be willing to help pay some of the cost for the server and admin it etc..
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In Memory
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Originally Posted by wasca View Post
Did any one else cotton on to this "about" 6 years ago he was 11, that would make you "about" 17 right?

How is it that you have a TOG account? Have we lowered the age restrictions now? Can someone fill me in?


I see it's a public post area, missed that at first

Thank you Chiack

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Deadly - Post: 1332


Hey Asphxiah, I honestly don't think it would be viable to start up a server again as there really isn't that much interest
You could just book a public server from Game Arena every so often and that's free. If you wanted to you could post about the games you've booked here and you may get a good turn out from fellow TOG members interested in having a few rounds. If you do ever get a server cranked up let us know
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Harmless - Post: 15


I would definately be interested. Currently playing on the servers 'refuge' and 'dethclock' and a ~250 ping doesn't help much.
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