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Default Mar 12, 2013: Tribes Ascend Version 1.0.1267

New patch dropping tomorrow.
An update to Tribes Ascend is expected to be released on Tuesday, March 12. Expect some server downtime while the patch is deployed.

Major Highlights

New Synthrall skin for the Soldier class.

Two new voice packs:
  • TotalBiscuit

Settings for custom servers are persisted across logins.

Weapon/Balance Items

Fixed an issue where the Shocklance would affect energy usage of packs.

When players upgrade a base turret, the turret will now properly upgrade itís rate of fire.

Fixed an issue where fractal grenades could timeout before they finished fractalling, resulting in a non-damaging explosion.

Additional Items

Shocklance now has a small weapons model.

Fixed positioning of Shocklance on the main menu.

Shocklance is now bannable from a custom server.

Rock bouncing custom physics preset has been changed to be index based. RockBounceIndex is
the property 0=full rock bounce, 1=standard rock bounce, 2=no rock bounce

Fixed an issue where returning a flag could prevent grabbing an enemy flag or grabbing an enemy flag could prevent returning your team's flag.

Laser targeter no longer can deploy call-ins during the warmup phase of a match.

Fixed an issue where the passenger from a gravcycle could get launched off at a high speed when exiting.

Fixed an issue where certain types of fog could be disabled in custom .ini settings.

Preview of the Soldier skin:
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