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Default Red Orchestra 2 - 85% off, free weekend and map pack released!

Repost from Mr Brewski:

The first 4 maps from the recent map competition are being released after having received some polishing and bug fixing by TWI. This coincides with an 85% off sale and a free weekend. If you haven't checked out RO2 recently, stick your head in and have a look. The new maps are an official map pack, so no need to do worry about messing around with Steam Workshop.

If you haven't played RO2 before, better late than never! It's cheap, real cheap. Get yourself a copy, even if you hate it I'm sure you won't miss the $3 it costs (I'm sure you won't hate it btw).

Also, the Pacific war mod/expansion Rising Storm is only around the corner. Rumour has it that owners of RO2 will have limited access with the option to upgrade to full access. If you are remotely interested in the Pacific theatre, get some practice in with RO2 before RS is released.
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At 85% off it is overpriced ...

You can get RO2GOTY + soundtrack + RO1 + soundtrack for $1.

The Humble Weekly Sale: Tripwire (pay what you want and help charity)
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Hahah touché. $1 or $3 (depending on your purchase preference) will get you into one of the best and most unique multiplayer FPS' around.
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