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Default Eidos Montreal Teases Possible New Deus Ex Title [Deus Ex: The Fall ? ]

Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Eidos Montreal has taken to their Twitter account (thanks VG247) to cryptically tease "Are YOU ready for The Fall?" with many believing it could be the next title in the Deus Ex series, called 'The Fall'.

It is unknown what exactly The Fall is, but the title was first mentioned earlier in the year when Eidos filed for a trademark. Several domains were also discovered featuring The Fall and registered under Square Enix who published Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

To further push rumours along, Eidos has followed up the tweet with the question "who is Ben Saxon?" with a DeusEx hashtag to boot. According to the Deus Ex wiki, Ben Saxon is a "former member of the United Kingdom's Special Air Service, retired from the military and working for Belltower Associates Incorporated, a private military contractor corporation."
SOURCE Eidos Montreal Teases Possible New Deus Ex Title - AusGamers.com
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Old 6th June 2013, 09:24 PM   #2 (permalink)
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I was so so sooooo excited to see that teaser... then we find out that its being its for mobile gaming.... massive let down.

Reading a few comments on a few different sites tells me i am not the only one disappointed with this news :P
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Thought Human Revolution was a really good entry into the Deus Ex universe, but again I am another disappointed gamer, by the new one just being a mobile game, its something I have never really got into as a genre of gaming.

There must be a market for it however, so good luck to those folk.

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