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Originally Posted by hadrian6616 View Post
You need to dig into the past to understand the brilliance of the Playstation (and it's earlier brethern like atari 2600 cd32 etc). $500 and you just plugged it and played when PC's at the time were big dollars and overclocking was done with a lead pencil. Then all of a sudden BOOM! Four drunken friends are playing against each other on TV in the lounge. Great times. If you didn't live through em - too bad!
Good point, a PC for gaming was a whole lot more money in those days. It's a touch more still now, but more within grasp of those who would normally purchase a console - if the understand what they are getting. The AMD APU systems look nice for entry level.
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Interesting read here:
The Console Market Is In Crisis | TechCrunch

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I remember when we would sit around the massive brick of a T.V. and lug it to the side to plug in the 3 different color cables into the back panel, just to be able to play Need for Speed Most Wanted on playstation 1. I Still think it is one of the best games I ever played. Like the first movie you watch of a trilogy, tends to blow your mind and get slightly over excited, jumping left instead of using the analogue stick to turn left.

At that time, we had silly Dial up 56k internet and the P.C.'s weren't advanced. When Need for Speed finally got to the PC, the gaming experience was rather lacking as the controls would be W,A,S,D on the keyboard for the second player. Graphics were also seriously lacking on the PC.

Nowadays , with people buying shell towers and custom Graphics cards and general technological improvements, the gaming environment has seriously improved on P.C.'s but I still have this innate feeling that the P.C. is for work and emails and is not fully accustomed for Game play. The thrill I get from a PS3 currently is difficult to replicate on a keyboard.
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The reign of consoles is coming to an end. Xbox One and PS4 will crumble under Steam Machines unless they do something big.

I have my rig two rooms away and can choose to play in the gaming den (majority of game I play are there) or on my huge tv with a controller for games like Dark Souls 2, Trine2, Dishonored, AC, Golf, or racing etc.

I have been doing that with a wireless HD transmitter (this is before Steam Machines) and every friend that comes round who sees my setup ends up doing the same, because they can have PC settings and graphics on their tv for those games that work well with controllers.

Steam Machines will make that even easier and valve has proven to change with the times and evolve as needed. I highly doubt it will fail, in fact this will bring PC back to the top.

Remember that feeling before huge AAA titles and massive overheads crushed true gaming experiences, that my friends is so returning and fast.

I have purchased more indie titles recently and had more fun than the latest AAA purchase. In fact for myself (personal view here) I really cant be bother with something like Watch Dogs (I know it is amazing) until its on a cheap special because I am reliving my Fallout 1 days with Wastelands 2.
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I think steam machine is just as screwed as Xbone. Seriously its not a console, or a PC, you might as well buy an alienware comp and install steam OS on it when it goes live. That all it is, another prefab PC, except this one can't be upgraded with out specialty parts.

Consoles are popular or were they are not selling that well with next gen, because they were cheaper took no comp literacy to use, and plug and play, put disk in it tells you what to do. Have problem wait for patch that will automatically try and download when releases when you play it next. They even come with an auto update for the console software so turn it on and missed an update it tells you to download it. Or the game or netflix will tell you to update the base console software.

Seriously you can do all that with a PC, its just prefab PCs come loaded with garbage that annoy the simple folk who don't know how to remove it. And the steam machines cut out that fat, but get you buy using smaller cheaper parts, they literally order in bulk saving them tons of money, like consoles do because they will get bulk rate. Plus they get the joy of knowing when upgrade time comes you have to order from them again because the parts are custom, so its buy a new one or order new custom parts from only select retailers. Its like the apple of gaming, accept its harder to upgrade yourself, they do every thing for you, but make you an exclusive customer.

And steam won't make it easier, your still broadcasting data from a pc to the steam box, all it does is have its own custom video card, and ram to make it a little lighter on your main pc, when in the end you could just make a second pc for that price, and hook it up to the tv.. My cousin has been doing that for years, he learned it from my uncle who did it all the back in the 90s using recliners and tvs for gaming using armrest mousepads, and keyboards in the lap. And now you can plug an xbox controller into the PC and remove the mouse and keyboard and use Big Picture mode on steam. The whole thing is a gimick to get you to get a second pc, that you can't tweak or upgrade, its a console with a free OS, saving them lots of money because they make you forward data from your real pc, so don't need gaming hard drives with lots of space.

Oh and I did what steam box does with a cheapo PC I half assed built as teen. I had no money for a cdrom, I literally shared a friends cdrom drive and ran games off his pc when he was not using it. Its possible to share a hard drive over a network if you got the speed to do it, and use a bare bones pc to run it on a tv with out using up all the video ram and what not. Probably would cost you the same if not less. I mean my elementary school did that with there computers in the comp lab. All the software was put on one server and we had to log into the custom network drive to load up are Oregon Trail, and Number Munchers. Plus you got cloud save data with steam so you don't even have to worry about not being able to play your save from the other roam anymore.
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The steamOS/Steambox is for console users, not existing PC users
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Good points.

Steam is pretty good at what they do though and have the track record, even if this is purely to bridge the gap they will do it well.

With all that said - PC is my weapon - except for if Destiny is good then I will PS4 up and play with friends.
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