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Simulation Place to play when you can't get it for real

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Default SimCity Origin Thread

OK i will start it off.

Lets leave this thread for just Origin names and server plz, if a kind admin or mod could add a table to this post i would be happy to keep it updated.

OID: Hippy222
Server: Oceanic 1 / happy to join any server to game with fellow toggers.

Origin Names and Server

Forum NameOrigin Name-----------ServerRegion Name
4DextrousWeevilDextrousWeevilOceanic 1 and 2 
7Hippy222Hippy222Antarctica/Oceanic 1 
8IreniicusIreniicusAntarctica/AnyThe Older Gamers
10MeOnFire SoulSetFire  
12Rabies HundredthMonkey  
13RamonHardnut80Oceanic 1 
14ToxicXistance ToxicXistenceNA East 2 
16VezerenVezerenAmerican west 4/AntarcticaFree Land/The Older Gamers
18dday_0612Dday_0612America West 3 / AntarcticaThe Older Gamers
20ohio,medicOhiomedicNA West/Any 
22redturtleredturtle015Oceanic 2 
23zWolfWesgar NA west1TOG-Wesgar

R.I.P. Mavo222

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OID: Hardnut80
Server: Oceanic 1

Hippy, it would be useful if you could amend everyone's details into your original post. Then perhaps we can get someone to make it a sticky.
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OID: Dday_0612
Server: America West 3 or any other I can find Toggers on.

FYI, I have a new game just started on America West if anyone wants an invite. It is public, so you can find it by finding me.

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OID: Brootal666
Server: whatever

Picked this up on the weekend
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Old 13th March 2013, 01:42 AM   #5 (permalink)
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American west 4
Have a Region going with open plots and would love to get some ToG guys to come play with me.

Region is named Free Land
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Server - do not mind
Irenica - Human Thief lvl 80
Irenicus - Asura Necromancer lvl 66
[FONT=CalibriIreniica - Norn Mesmer Lvl42[/FONT]
Ireniicas - Silvari Guardian lvl 23
Ireniicatz Charr Warrior lvl 22
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We have a ToG Region set up with 3 players so far. Pop over to the Antarctica server and add me to your friends list "vezeren" and I will get you an invite to the region as soon as you do.

Region name is The Older Gamers

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OID: seph_au
Server: Any

Created a couple experimental cities in regions with whirlpool guys and some mates. Upto round 100k pop but looking to start another with some toggers.
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You can update my info to be on Antartica, as I went there to join The Older Gamers region there. I will go wherever you all are.
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server - NA west 1/ any

SWTOR - Malvorn, Ridef {Rep} Joc'eret, Vor'nn {Imp}; SC: ohio_medic; ESO: @ohio.medic; LOTRO - Pendir, Malvorn TSW - Amunra, Bravo; Origin ID: ohiomedic
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