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Default Farming simulator 2013

Hey is anyone actually playing farming simulator 2013 it has a multiplayer mode wouldn't mind helping out on someones farm some if anyone is playing and wants some help with keeping their farm up
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Hey mate it looks like you and I are the only ones who are playing this awesome but time consuming game! I've only started playing online but I can't find anyone from Australia online so I'd be happy to start up a game with you. Email me nobolony@gmail.com or pm me cheers.
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And I'll put out a general post about farming simulator 2013 that if anyone else is interested in playing a multiplayer game let me know and we can start up a game
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Farming Simulator has been one of my all time favourites for the last few years, I was very surprised to see it mentioned here on the TOG site. I was tempted to set up a server for it, but as with time zone issues I am not sure that would work.
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I have been using this game to kill time and only so so at it, I am for trying to join some TOGers and learn some more stuff. Not to mention see what mods others are using.
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I play, have not try the multiplayer mode but may have to put up and server and give it a try...
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