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Default Try your hand at Spleef

This is a casual announcement for those new to our ranks (I've noticed there's a few) shamelessly plugging our TOG Spleef tournament on the Frontier server. Have a read through the sticky posts and get involved. It's as easy as /tp-ing to spawn, entering the nether and following the signs. Play anyway you like, as long as its agreed upon by your opponent. Help yourself to cake afterwards while sending me the results.

The inaugural golden shovel is still up for grabs. Do you have what it takes?
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It's easy, it's funny, it's not the slightest bit fitness inspired. It takes no time to organise. All the snow and tools required should be there. If not, tell a moderator or admin (or the forum).

Spleef today. You know you want to.


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I am on often and noone has yet accepted the challenge of the Great Duck

I challenge <insert name> to SPLEEF!

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I'm up for a few Spleef rounds this weekend. Going to organise a hunger game vs Sanzhin too
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Well it looks like I'm still top of the table, so I'm happy to just sit the for now, as I have a fair bit going on at the moment.
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