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Hoathy 20th June 2012 04:40 PM

Spleef Club, do you have what it takes?
Rumours have been cropping up about an underground Spleef movement. After Admiral’s crushing victory in season 1 it seemed no one would be able to challenge his title and that the second Golden Shovel would remain forever elusive. But recently a group of dedicated Spleefers have been training underground developing new techniques like never seen before.

Members of this “Spleef Club” pushed themselves deeper and deeper into the depths of the world until they found themselves battling it out in the Nether. With a tenacity and passion for victory, they have continually trained in their triple layered, circular spleef arena suspended high above an endless sea of lava since the conclusion of Season 1 eons ago.

Unfortunately they all recently fell to their deaths.

But the hunt for their secret training grounds has begun. Once discovered it will usher in a new era of choice when settling arguments ‘the Spleef way’ on the TOG Frontier server. And perhaps, just maybe, a new champion will emerge from the ruins. An individual so gifted in Spleef they may challenge the title that only Admiral (and briefly El Bazzito) has held, and take home the Season 2 GOLDEN SHOVEL.

For now keep training young Spleefers, challenge your friends, challenge your rivals and send all your games (with results) to Hoathy so that he may track your historic rise to Spleefing fame. Because have no doubts, Spleef Club will be found, and only the strongest will have what it takes to survive…

Obsi 21st June 2012 12:05 PM


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