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Star Citizen (Public) An space sim from Chris Roberts

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Old 4th September 2013, 01:27 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Oh god, why so intense.

I will have to take some time to read this all and work out what is the best.
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Originally Posted by Bloodwrych View Post

You can still get LTI if you are an Original or Veteran Backer....or if you either gift the package to such a person or PayPal them the funds to get it for you...but only until the cutoff date around mid to late November this year.

You may also wish to consider the whole RSI Concierge Status perk that unlocks when a person spends $1k on their account to see if that perk would interest you...and how that $1k is calculated. Basically the person who buys the item gets the value of that item credited towards their $1k Concierge status. It is the person who spends the Real world cash or Paypal funds to buy the item that gets credited.

If anyone who doesn't have access to LTI wants to get it they may wish to check out this TOG thread:

The $5k Space Marshal package only has the 5 original pledge ships (not the variants of them) and an Idris-P Corvette. All of these 6 ships being part of the package come with LTI. Other ships not listed in the package do not have LTI though unless you organise that seperately.

The $5k Space Marshall package is the 2nd largest single package still available. There is a $10k Wing Commander package which includes all five pledge ships, a custom Constellation skin, 20,000 UEC Starting Money and exclusive access to the 1 Million Mile High Club, a private facility that you run in the game.

Yes the Space Marshall comes with an Idris-P, however if you want to get as many ships as you can all with LTI go with the Grand Admiral All 5 starter ships and their Rare variants. 3 of which have not been announced yet.

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Old 21st October 2013, 10:21 PM   #13 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Wenceslaus View Post
In my opinion your basic options:

Exploration & lite trade: Freelancer (probably the most versatile ship)

Dogfight, PvP & support: 300i series to keep your options open or 325a for PvP ready

Serious PvP & piracy : Cutlass

Serious organised trade in group: Constellation
Thanks Wence,

Thats exactly what I needed to understand.

I want to buy the best initial ship for each role, so I can trade/haul, then bring out a fighter to defend/escort/interdict an enemy trade route.

The reason to buy up now is to get LTI, so its an expendable ship I can learn to use without fear of having to grind up cash to keep it operational while learning to play.

I will buy in my own name as I may as well get Concierge for myself.

After all I spent over A$1K on StarTrek Online for lifetime membership before it went free to play.

So I am sure I can get to US$1K in virtual goods before launch.

So based on the suggested best initial ships.

Misc Freelancer US$110
Anvil Aerospace Hornet US$110
Drake Interplanetary Cutlass US$100
Constellation (Rear Admiral Pack) US$275

So I think that covers all the roles required in an initial disposable fleet for US$595-00 before remelting to get the LTI.

Is it worth skipping the Freelancer if I already have the Constellation?

So do I need a smaller faster trading vessel?

Would picking up the 350r in the High Admiral Pack make more sense than the 325a or the Hornet?

If I buy a Hornet, do I really need the Cutlass?

Or the Cargo Variant Hornet? F7C?

Is it worth actually going Grand Admiral Pack to get 10 ships? Though not sure I would want variants to fill the same role. US$2500 is a lot to pay for a game I haven't actually played yet!

I want to keep my options open and minimise my initial spend to around US$1K, especially after buying STO and Aliens Colonial Marines before the games actually launched to great disappointment for me!

So what do you think?
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Old 22nd October 2013, 12:40 AM   #14 (permalink)
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my understanding is that Hornet is a true dog fighter and the 350r is meant to be more like a true racer
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Old 22nd October 2013, 01:01 AM   #15 (permalink)
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Star Citizen
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Well for "serious" player (or dreamer) like many of us the situation is not that clear cut - my 2 cents:

High level Trade/Craft:
A. Rear Admiral [Connie] + min 3 packages(not individual ships) to have NPCs
B. Digital Freelancer [Freelancer] for the lonely days when you cannot be bothered to group up /or Starfarer - not currently available/

Fun PvP (~1v1; dogfighting)
C. Digital Colonel [Hornet F7C - F7A not available] short range PvP
D. Pirate [Cutlass] boarding PvP /double as smuggling ship/

Serious group PvP (~ sPVP)
E. Caterpillar /not currently available/ or Retaliator /not currently available/

Support ships:
F1. Arbiter [325a] Defence support - Connie/Starfares convoys/Idris
F2. Digital Pathfinder [315p] Scout, classical PvE
F3. M50 Scout, Small goods smuggling
F4. Gladi sPvP v Idris
F5. Aurora LN Mainly for interchange of parts with Connie and extra NPC slot

So @ this moment depending on what you are interested: A,B,C,D or B, C, (D or F1) & waiting for E. For support ship you need to pick up what your heart is telling you. In any case you will probably end up with 5 ships and hole in your credit card....

Now about cons of some of the ships in basic term ( my opinion obviously & super simplified):

Connie - MMO Tank: will need support to be efficient
Hornet - MMO Meele: short range/no jumps & its civilian form too weak
325a - MMO Range: jack of all trades master of none
Cutlass - MMO Thief: currently underpowered for effective boarding

The ships are in my opinion purposely not made to fit perfectly to the roles: you have to earn it through the play, in game credits & upgrades. It's up to you what you think would be your main income in first few months....

Good luck in choosing & welcome !

EDIT: Keep some money on side for ship variants....

Wence Out

Join us! Star Citizen - TOG Fleet

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I think just a Connie and a Super Hornet.

The Freelancer is the equivalent of an StarWars Imperial Shuttle so I think I will only need a Connie which is the equivalent to a StarWars Millennium Falcon.

I will save up for an Idris or other combat orientated ship variant at a later date.
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So you restrained yourself & went middle ground. Well done!

Join us! Star Citizen - TOG Fleet
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