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Star Citizen (Public) An space sim from Chris Roberts

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Default Pledge for the 16mil mark and Livestream Hangar Intro!

Recorded Live Event!

Atm there is just One hour left for the Official Introduction of the Hangar 1, with the Discount, Business and Deluxe versions.

We are so close to the 16 million mark, so here is your chance to add ships to your fleet, that you would eventually do, and melt later on as variants come soon!
Join Us: Star Citizen TOG FLEET

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woke up early for no reason this morning. found out about live stream and logged on with 20s till start.
it was AWESOME. Freelancer kicked ass. Connie isn't really revealed yet, so those of us with connies will have very exciting day thursday/friday
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Twitch sucks! I can never get it to play. I always get like 20 seconds of video, then several mins of pausing. then 20 seconds of play... rinse and repeat

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Is the video still up as a recorded version?
I cant tell from work
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Just watched it!

Awesome video, very impressive stuff from only 6 months of having the studio fully up and running
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