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Star Citizen (Public) An space sim from Chris Roberts

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Originally Posted by Ludy View Post
I still talk to people that have no clue about it. Then I run into some guy who spent $5k. Most people don't follow game news sites or care about kickstarter.

I think right now it's still a fairly limited amount of folks that have heard about it. maybe 1/5th of the folks that might play it at some point.
Hmm, can't really speak to what all gamers keep up with. I'm sure that is as diverse as what gamers play and how often. I can tell you that what brought the game to light for me was that I was looking into whether there was a graphics update to Wing Commander as I missed an off the rail space sim. (i.e. the space missions in SW:KOTR MMO was not my thing, nor was the disaster that was Star Trek Online - sorry if folks here are die hard fans of either game, but I think that STO was a Cryptic disaster and KOTR MMO could have had a much better space combat side to it)

I do think that a lot of people who have heard of crowd funding are a little bit afraid of spending real money on a game which they believe might not be released. I believe the game to be a certainty. But it hasn't been released yet and I have spent a lot of money - at least a lot to me. But I get why others may be more risk averse.

Anyway, I hope you are right Ludy because I want a very large gaming community to play with. It would not be fun otherwise.

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