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Star Citizen (Public) An space sim from Chris Roberts

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I'd say you'd need a pretty decent sized fleet. Probably 50+ fighters to deal with the carriers own CAP (about 40 Hornets if I recall), then a bunch of bombers and larger vessels to actually damage the carrier itself and deal with the defence weapons.

I very much doubt it will be either quick or easy hehe
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I certainly hope it's not easy.
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I am also interested in mechanics to capture Bengal Class. RSI indicated that they will be "instancing" ships in the same area. Up to 50 is I can recall. How would that work it this case? 2-3 instances with someone overlooking the battle ? Would it be enclosed space so you cannot attack from say the other Bengal side ? Not sure i anyone know though...

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the 300i looks too big. surely its not larger than a freelancer?

the constellation also looks too small.

is the scale even correct?

(i too hope these monstrous bengals are not pushovers)

if there are carriers of this size, they'll probably have ships of the same class or slightly smaller, cause punching through that armor with fighters and bombers look difficult!

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The 300 series is actually not all that small, if you see them in the Hangar the 300 isn't actually much smaller than the Freelancer at all. The 300 has almost identical beam and height (slightly wider but a little shorter) but has a 25% shorter length over all. So the scale in that image is definitely a little out.

As far as bigger ships go, we have the Idris corvette already and escort carriers, battle cruisers and destroyers still to come, none of which we have any decent info on. We also have 2 types of bomber already known so we won't be lacking for heavy fire power
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It is a long shot, it needs lots of men/women power to get one, we have to be so many things at the same time to get one, robust, powerfull, active, and with numbers, etc, etc, but you know something?

I would love to, one day or night, in deep space, when Star Citizen is a reality, to be there with all of you TOG Star Citizens, capturing a Bengal Carrier with you, old and new TOGers.

And write another page on our very own digital history...

...I was there, when we captured a Bengal Carrier, i was there with my friends, my comrades, my brothers and sisters in arms, we, The Older Gamers, seeized a real Bengal Carrier in Star Citizen.

That would be the D-Day, our Dream Day, setting a goal so high, is for gamers that unite for one cause, achieve the unthinkable. If any other guild or alliance will do it, why not the vets of gaming?
I am not asking you to enter a manic race, heartmelting, or hardcore frenzy, just to capture a Bengal Carrier, we will do it, our way, humbly, patiently, diligently, i am just hoping to inspire you, that, why not us?

Let for yourselves a small fire to burn inside, build an empire of your own, empower the fleets of the Older Gamers, help forge an alliance, a trading behemoth, a pirate black funding ops, secret ops, all with one dream, get the TOG flag/banner upon a Bengal Carrier and enjoy in Star Citizen, to reach every possible mountain peak it has to offer.

We can do it, but first we have to build an Empire, and we will have to start from scratch. But a visible goal, is just enough to help us, unleash and progress as One, and united, we can only be invicible
Join Us: Star Citizen TOG FLEET

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