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Mostly Harmless - Post: 60

Exclamation Unofficial server - latest version with Economy

Hi guys, I have not really been active in TOG for some time, and didn't find Rust listed here with a casual browse when I first started playing. Hope this doesn't ruffle any feathers posting this info here.

Anywho, I've enjoyed Rust and decided to start my own server. I've had a couple of TOG members come on now and then, so I thought I might post it here to let you guys know about it if you want to try out some of the newer features and have fun on a relatively new server.


Probably the biggest change is the Economy plugin. You get money in game for killing anything and everything (varying amounts), and can then use it to buy items. use /ehelp to see what you can do in game.

Remover tool - you can remove unwanted components and structures that you own by toggling the tool with /remove then shooting or hitting the structure.

Custom loot spawn list - you can only get M4's and C4 in airdrops, or by buying them (they are quite expensive). The rationale is to keep these items quite rare so it's a bit harder to become very powerful, very quickly. C4 also cannot be crafted in the game - the shop and airdrops are it.

Base Alarm - alerts you if your structure is damaged

Groups, PMs, stats and death messages.

That's about it. The server address is

List as AUS Economy/Groups/PVP/PM/Stats/Kits/Active Admin

Might see you in game!
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Thanks for the heads up
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Gonna try our your server and see what I can do. I am really into the building in Rust and trade...if I don't have to resort to defending myself.
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rust, server

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