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TOG Public Server and Comms Info Get onto a TOG Server today!

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Default Battlefield 2142 public server details


Server IP Address: : 17567
RCONS (XFire Details):
maddog2204 (maddog2204)
vulcan21 (vulcan21)
CommandeR_SuLLy (commandersully)
The Omen (damientheomen)
Battlescoob (Battlescoob)
TheJub (jub78 )
Mecha Wombat
Redgum (TOG|Redgum)

Feel free to contact one of the above listed people to assist you in the server.

This is a Ranked Server and as such is governed by EA's Ranked Server Agreement. In addition to these rules, the following also apply whilst on the TOG BF2142 server.
  • No Swearing, Abusive, Racist, Obscene, Offensive or Discriminatory language
  • No Air Vehicle Ramming
  • No stat padding
  • No deliberate glitching
  • No Console Shield Stressing
  • No camping spawn points in a defined uncap area (Uncap is a base with no capturable flags or silos)
  • No deliberate Team Killing or disruptive behaviour
  • Use of any 3rd party programme that gives a player an 'unfair' advantage by changing game graphics, mechanics or interaction with the game engine will not be tolerated.

This server is funded wholly by TOG members and as such you may be asked to leave by a server administrator to make room for a TOG member.

If you need to contact us for any reason please post here Contact us
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