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The Older Gamers Server # 1

The Older Gamers Server # 2

The Older Gamers Server # 3

The Older Gamers Server # 4

Finding the TOG Servers

To find these servers in your game server browser, you need to search for "TOG".

The search function is CaSe SeNsItIvE. Ensure you capitalize the 'T', 'O', and 'G'. Otherwise the servers will not show up.

Server Rules

  • No cheating or glitching.
  • No racist or derogatory comments over global chat.
  • Play hard, but play fair - Don't do something that may be construed as unsporting.
  • No swearing over global chat. There is no need for it.
  • No disruptive play that may hinder your team mates.
  • No deliberate team killing.
  • No abuse over global chat at other players for the way they play the game or their skill level.
  • No "hackusations" over global chat. Report it to an admin to investigate. A lot of times, you have probably just been beaten by a superior player.
  • And lastly - be nice to your fellow gamer.

Conquest Mode

  • Conquest has an "uncap" area (Main Base) for each side. DO NOT shoot into, or enter the "uncap" to farm points from cheap kills.
  • You may enter the enemy's "uncap" (Main Base) to steal a vehicle. Once you have acquired the vehicle, you are required to leave the "uncap" area immediately. (Killing anyone spawning in their main base will result in a kick from the server unless fired upon first).
  • You may only kill those shooting out from within the "uncap". This includes snipers, armour, anti-air guns.

Rush Mode

  • The initial "Deployment Area" for Attackers in Rush mode is classed as an "uncap". Do not shoot into this "uncap" area until the first two MComs are destroyed.
  • Once the first two MComs are destroyed, there are no more protected spawn areas.

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