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Phanjam 31st December 2012 01:45 AM

Builds for TL2 Classes - Outlander

Okay, adoomgod has not gotten back to me about my re-posting his work. I've decided if I make sure about crediting him it should be okay.

Sorry in advance for the wall-of-text. spoiler tags aren't working for me for some reason...

So, here is adoomgod's Outlander builds article...

Torchlight II Build Diversity: The Outlander
by: adoomgod

Well here is my part 2, the outlander builds! I know a lot of people were looking forward to this and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed theory crafting them. I enjoy the outlander as a very flexible class. It is centered on doing DPS but really I see a lot of ways to play this class.

Again Please note: Please keep in mind that these are all theory-crafted builds, based on the beta and the skills revealed at PAX. They may or may not be viable in the final game, which will release September 20th.


This may be one of my sparsest builds in terms of skill core, as it's very flexible. You'll see why in the stat and item section of this build. I hope this helps satisfy the population who wanted a Necromancer class.


Passive Skills

Shadowling Ammo: 15/15 One of the CORE non debateable skills of this build. It gives you a chance on killing enemies with projectiles to spawn a flying shadowling minion. I believe at 15/15 the chance to do so is a whopping 68%.

Death Ritual: This build makes your shadowlings more powerful! Considering that you have 3 kinds of shadowlings in this build it's a clear 15/15. It gives 1.5 seconds more duration to your shadowlings per rank and 5% more damage per rank. That's 75% more damage at 15/15! Not debateable!

Share the Wealth: 15/15 A new skill that is also not debateable. It gives your pets and allies near you a % of the benefits of your charge. 20% at rank 1. This means that ALL your summons will gain critical strike chance and attack speed as you do.

Master of Elements: Consider 15/15 this. it gives +2% all elemental damage except poison, which gets +4%, per rank. This adds 60% poison damage at 15/15. It'll help your Bane Breath finish the job.

Long Range Mastery: I'd take this for the damage bonus to ranged weapons if not the range bonus. I think the summoner outlander will work best with ranged weapons. I'm going to 15/15 this on my build but you don't have to.

ShotgonneMastery and Akimbo: If you are dead on using a shotgonne to support your minions, which I'm going to do, get 15/15 Shotgonne Mastery. If you are going to support your minions with two pistols then 15/15 Akimbo. If you aren't going to use these constantly then leave them at 0. I do suggest shotgonnes for the AOE stun.

DO NOT GET Poison burst: It looks tempting with poison damage but I believe it will not proc your shadowling ammo to spawn minions. If I'm correct that means this skill will ruin your ability to amass an army.

Dodge Mastery: If you are taking too many hits. Not necessary but if you want to be a tanky summoner with a weapon and shield, you should definitely invest in this.

Active Skills

Bane Breath: This is the core active skill of this build, 15/15 not debatable. It deals poison damage and enemies killed by this skill spawn crawling shadowling minions. As it tiers up it increases minions move and attack speed by 10% per tier. (30% at 15/15) Because this is your main active skill you will want to get as much poison damage as you can, via items.

Stone Pact: 15/15 not debatable either. This thing is amazing. It lasts for 20 seconds and you can set multiple circles on the ground, though they don't stack. It grants constant healing and increased armor to all allies/pets in the area. As it tiers up it reflects damage back at monsters up to 75% at tier 3. This is invaluable to keeping your summons alive, more so than Blade Pact.

Blade Pact: 15/15 not debatable. Great debuff. Reduces enemy attack speed, movement speed and armor. This will help keep your summons alive to a lesser extent than Stone Pact but it will also help your minions do more damage. As you upgrade it, each tier makes it's duration last longer.

Shadowling Brute: 15/15 not debatable. This new summon sounds awesome and I believe it is effected by your dark ritual passive. You summon 1 shadowling brute. At tier 1 it gets dash attack, at tier 2 leap attack, and at tier 3 it attacks 30% faster! This is your tankiest summon.

Flaming Glaives: This is my go-to skill after my charge is maxxed out. 15/15. This grants fire AND poison damage, and at tier 3 it makes enemies it hits 45% more vulnerable to fire and poison. This is a great initiate skill to use before spamming Bane Breath.

Bramble Wall: Consider 15/15 points because at 15 it deals poison damage in an AOE. Even if you don't 15/15 this, do get a minimum of 1/15. It'll be very useful at blocking off foes you don't want to deal with right away. You can divide mobs with this skill or just keep them off your back.

Glaive Throw: This deals solid poison damage and ricochets, as well as generates charge per hit. I'd invest into this.

Glaive Sweep: I'd 15/15 this. It generates charge per enemy hit, and has sweet tier bonuses. At 5 it causes bleeding damage, at 10 it's Area of Effect gets bigger and at 15 the stun chance goes up to a whopping 95%. Stun is good for keeping your minions alive. You can Rune Vault into some enemies, spam this skill, then Rune Vault out again.

Cursed Daggers: I'd invest in this but it's up to you. It deals poison damage which you will be focusing in, and it decreases the amount of damage enemies do by 20% for 8 seconds (a long time in torchlight standards) with just 1 skill point. This will help keep your summons alive as it shoots out a lot of daggers, allowing you to nerf multiple enemies at once. It also deals a lot of damage when used within melee range of a big monster, as multiple daggers can hit at once.

Venomous Hail: I'd invest well into this, perhaps 15/15. Deals poison damage based off your weapon dps in an AOE. At tier 3 it also shatters shields. AOE poison damage will be useful to support your minions and I really like the idea of AOE shield shattering.

Tangling Shot: Deals poison damage and immobilizes. Good for big targets that you don't want chasing you. I'd keep one point in this skill minimum as it gives you a low-mana skill to keep strong monsters from chasing you.

Sand Storm: With a 100% stun chance this skill can be very good with +cast speed. It's great minion support.

Stat Core

The fun with this build, unlike some of my other builds, is that it's very flexible in stats. If you want to focus your poison damage, get focus. If you want to focus on projectile damage, get strength. Always get dexterity as crits are your friend. Vitality if you want to be tanky, that's viable here too!

To be specific: If you want to be tanky, get focus and Vitality.
If you want to deal lots of poison damage go Focus and Dexterity.
If you want to deal lots of physical damage go Strength and Dexterity, though I suggest you invest in focus as well for your poison spells.

Item Core

Your main and off hand are very flexible here and should reflect your stat build. Pistol and shield to be tanky? Dual pistols for projectile DPS? A cannon for AOE support. Your weapon choice is really up to you. I recommend a shotgonne for aoe stunning with it's passive. It's your affixes and stats that define you though:

You have to think about 2 things in this build: The choice of DPS or Tanky pets and the choice of making yourself DPS or Tanky. This build is entirely item dependant. If you want your pets to be tanky find items with +% pet armor and +% pet health. If you want them to be damage dealing munchkins, +% pet attack speed and +% pet damage. You can also make them hybrids. Same goes for you, do you want to be DPS casting? Go for mana and cast speed and +% poison damage. I strongly recommend +% poison damage as you have so many good skills based on it. You could be a viable tank too with pistol + shield and stone pact + blade pact. With glaive sweep you can just stun enemies around you.

Think also about fusing the two ideas together. Are you a DPS with DPS minions or DPS with tank minions? The former goes for swarming the enemy, while the latter lets your minions tank up front while you calmly spam skills from the back, free from danger. A tank with tank minions would be very useful to a party because you'd have a whole army, including yourself as damage mitigation.

Spell Scrolls

Unlike most builds, you are centered around these. Stack Pet Mastery on both you and your pet. It stacks last time I checked. Arm your pet with Heal All to keep your minions alive. Grab Dervish if you can find it to keep your rate of killing high. Then go nuts with zombies, skeletons, skeleton archers, and even the nether imp has made a return in the form of a spell scroll. If your pets are surviving easily drop the heal all for another summoning scroll.

Also consider Elemental Overload to make your poison spells more effective, though I'd rather have more minions in a slot than elemental overload if I was set on being a summoner.

The Utililander

The Outlander has more utility than you can shake a stick at. This outlander focuses on getting skills to support his teammates by debuffing monsters and buffing your allies in as many ways as possible. The skills section is a little complex because you have so many choices for so many situations. A couple of these skills would really help an allied Fire Embermage or Fire Engineer. The role of this build is to support a party, not solo or dps, remember that. ( Though you'll probably be fine in DPS since Outlanders are so strong)

Note that I suggest way more skills than you can probably max out on a character, so it's up to you to make the hard choices of how exactly you want to be a utility Outlander.


Passive Skills

Shotgonne Mastery: 15/15 A utility Outlander will best serve using a shotgonne. This passive gives shotgonnes knockback, chance to stun, and chance to blind. That means in an AOE you will have a chance to knock out your enemies, or at least make their attacks miss.

Akimbo: If you really don't want to use shotgonne, then double pistols are a great consideration. This will at least give you some damage for dual wielding them and an increased chance to execute, which is the important part. This will be explained in the item core. If you decide to go this route, 15/15 this skill and leave shotgonnes at 0.

Share the Wealth: 15/15 It gives a percent of your charge bar's bonuses to your allies, and this is HUGE. Granting your allies cast speed, attack speed, and critical strike chance is ridiculously beneficial.

Long Range Mastery: I'd invest in this just to give your shotgonne a boost in damage but this does NOT help your utility.

Active Skills

Blade Pact: 15/15. It lowers enemy attack and movement speed as well as their armor. Get this, period.

Stone Pact: I'd 15/15 this on most any build. It increases you and your allies armor, provides healing, and as you get it's tiers up everyone under it's effect reflects damage back at your enemies.

Rapid Fire: Get up to 15/15 as this will probably be your main attack. It reduces enemy armor per hit, and at rank 15 it also ignites enemies. Ignite would be great if you are partying with an Embermage who has Fire Brand, which makes them deal extra fire damage to any ignited enemy.

Rune Vault: A very interesting escape skill. I'd put 10/15 into this, especially if you are using dual pistols. It has an increasing chance to blind enemies as you level it up, but it's tier bonuses are also very interesting. At rank 5 it applies life and mana steal from your weapons and at 15 it provides charge for your charge bar. Most astonishing to me is that at 10 it applies the "procs" on your weapon. This means if your weapon has a "5% chance to freeze", a "10% chance to make enemies flee", or basically any "x% chance to y" your rune vault can now proc those, in an AOE.

Glaive Sweep: 15/15 This is a deceptively utile skill. The problem that people may have with it is that it has a small AOE centered around your character. But if you use Burning Leap to jump in, then use this skill, you should have amazing results. It has a 50% interrupt chance with just 1 skill point and a 50% stun chance for 3 seconds. That's like a month in ARPG time. It generates massive amounts of charge, at tier 2 it's range increases and at tier 3 it's stun chance goes up to 95%. That's just nuts. Those annoying clusters of enemy casters? This is their nightmare.

Cursed Daggers: 15/15 This skill not only does considerable damage if you hit up close, but at rank 1 it reduces enemy damage by 20%. If the damage reduction doesn't go up, leave it at 1. If it does go up then putting 15/15 points is not for debate.

Bramble Wall: I'd definitely invest in this. It's just an easy way to cut off melee enemies from reaching you or a vulnerable party member, a way to split a mob of enemies in half, and just a cool spell. Just keep in mind that at 10/15 the length of the wall increases. It's probably wonderful for kiting bosses. I'm going to keep this at 5 or below, just to have a cheap way to get enemies off my allies' backs.

Burning Leap: 1/15. Use this just to jump into a mob of deadly ranged enemies or casters and use Glaive Sweep. GET ONE POINT IN THIS. I really see this being useful with glaive sweep. Think: Burning Leap in, Glaive Sweep 2-3 times, Rune Vault out.

Shadow Mantle: This skill could be very effective if used well. It gives you an increasing chance to reflect missile damage. A skilled outlander may be able to max this skill and use it to turn deadly projectile-slinging-enemies back at themselves. Imagine this, if you see an enemy type you recognize as ranged and dangerous, you could activate this and then stand between them and the rest of your party members, reflecting their shots back at them.

Sand Storm: Consider this a 15/15 if you want to go the caster route more than using your actual weapons. These glaives travel slow and far, ricochet, and have a 100% stun chance for 1 second. If you stack cast speed and mana spamming these alone could be great utility for your team. They also do decent damage. Again, if the stun works on bosses too, you could base this whole build around spamming this skill. Though remember, to make this skill spammable you would not 15/15 this, to keep the mana cost low.

Flaming Glaives: If your best friend loves using fire damage, get this skill. At tier 2 (10/15) enemies become 30% more vulnerable to fire, and at tier 3 (15/15) it increases to 45%. That could really decimate a boss's fire resistance.

Tangling Shot: I'd dabble in this. It has a 100% chance to entangle the target it hits and an increasing per tier chance to entangle enemies around that enemy. Put one point into it if you want a low-mana way to keep singular enemies rooted in place.

Repulsion Hex: I list this dead last for a reason. The other skills above this can be mixed around, but this is weird skill. It doesn't do that much, but it works on it's own and it lasts for a good while. It's one of the few skills that has "chance to cause enemies to flee" as you rank it up. Up to you.

Stat Core

Focus is absolutely essentual. The mana pool increase and mana regen are good for ANY VERSION of this build, but the chance to execute will really help dual-pistol users. Dexterity Strength and Vitality as you deem necessary. Dexterity is the second best attribute for it's critical strike chance which you'll see is important below.

Item Core

This build requires that you be extremely conscientious of your items. First of all, you want a shotgonne if you went with Shotgonne Mastery, or two pistols if you got Akimbo. Don't do both, it's a waste of skill points. Here's the fun part:

What you want is to do is find items that give you mana, cast speed, and attack speed. Cast speed is extremely important because it lets you dish out your debuffs faster, and let's them overlap more.

Socket an ice gem on your weapons, period, then look for critical strike chance. Your charge bar will help you out a lot here, but the purpose of this is that when you critical strike with ice damage you have a high chance to chill monsters. On your weapons anything that has "x% chance to y" is perfect. Remember that your Rune Vault skill will gain the ability to active these at 10/15, so it's most effective on the dual pistol version of this build.

The one way dual pistols have an advantage over shotgonnes is that you have two of them, thus twice the weapon procs, both of which will work on Rune Vault. With a huge chance to execute (attack with both weapons at once) from akimbo, you have a good chance of proccing both pistols chance to hit affixes at the same time.

Spell Scrolls

Both you and your pet should be using Heal All to benefit your party. Rumble is a new skill that sends pretty large waves of AOE that has a chance to shatter enemy shields, I'd put this too on you and your pet. Dervish will help your weapon proc more, so definitely get that. The fourth skill is whatever you feel benefits a group. If that means you doing more damage, get a passive damage increaser, if there are other cool utility skills to find on spell scrolls, you can use that too. This build has a lot of options.

The Rangelander

An outlander that focuses on ranged dps. Is this too obvious? This is what everyone first thought of right? Well that's why I'm ironically listing it last.


Passive Skills

Long Range Mastery: 15/15 This is a ranged dps build, so this just makes sense. If you are using a bow or rifle, this skill will help turn you into a sniper.

Master of the Elements: 15/15 You will use poison skills and chances are some uniques you find will have elemental damage on them. This skill gives twice to bonus to poison as it does the other elements, so try to focus poison.

Poison Burst: 15/15 Chance to cause enemies to explode into poison clouds upon killing them? Heck yeah, and it will take nice bonuses from the above skill.

Akimbo or Shotgonne Mastery: Only if you are planning to go dual pistols or shotgonne, then 15/15 the appropriate skill. If you want to use a bow or rifle, ignore these.

Shadowling Ammo: You're going to be killing awfully fast so you might as well consider getting summons out of it to mitigate damage for you.

Dodge Mastery: If you get hit too much. Will stack great with Dexterity.

Active Skills

Blade Pact: 15/15, this skill is just too good to pass up, as it was explained in the previous build.

Glaive Throw: 15/15 this is your bread and butter. It deals poison damage, it interrupts casters, and the more you put into it the more enemies it can rebound to. Best of all perhaps is that it slows enemy movement speed at an increasing amount per skill point. Fire this baby at approaching enemies then start using your weapons. Oh and it generates an increasing amount of charge per skill point. Beautiful.

Bramble Wall: 15/15Enemies can't move through it but you can shoot over it. Beautiful. And at 15 it exudes poison gas which will be strengthened from your passive, Master of the Elements.

Venemous Hail: 15/15 It deals damage based on your weapon DPS as poison, and at 15/15 it shatters shields. This is brilliant against shielded enemy mobs.

Shadow Shot: 15/15 Possibly the new Chaos Burst. It shoots a shot that splits into more homing shots. At 15/15 it splits into 6 shots. If this applies damage-over-time effects from your weapons, then this could be extremely deadly.

Stone Pact: You actually don't need to max this. It's primarily so you don't ALWAYS have to run away, and it completely removes your need of health potions outside of tough fights. Do invest into it, however much you want.

Chaos Burst: Possible 15/15 instead of or with Shadow Shot. While significantly nerfed from the beta, I believe at 15/15 this skill will still be over powered. At tier 2 (10/15) it can poison your enemies, and at tier 3 (15/15) it increases from 3 projectiles to 5.

Rapid Fire: Possible 15/15 If your weapons aren't dealing enough damage, this will strip away enemy armor.

Rune Vault: At least 1/15 I'd keep this low but definitely get it. Keep it low so the mana cost doesn't make you blink, it will be a permanent escape spell.

Cursed Daggers: At least 1/15. This nerfs enemy damage. This will help you on nasty bosses and nasty elites.

Tangling Shot: At least 1/15 on elite. This baby helps you kite very well with it's 100% chance to immobilize. Keeping it low means it's low mana cost will let you spam it while you recover.

Shadowling Brute: Definitely consider this. It will act as a tank when you're soloing. If you are always going to play with friends you really don't need it.

Stat Core

Dexterity and Strength. That's all you need. I'd literally be confident with alternating 5 in dexterity and 5 in strength every level. I'd dabble in focus, especially if I'm dual pistols, for the mana, mana regen, and elemental damage. My build will probably end up using 4 strength, 4 dexterity, and 2 focus (over 2 levels) until I start getting to the higher levels where I'd pump more a LITTLE bit more into focus. Though your charge bar gives so much critical strike chance and attack speed you might want to emphasize strength over dexterity a tad.

Item Core

The most deadly thing you can do is find as much "conveys x poison damage over 5 seconds" as you can find. Find a poison enchanter and try to get 3 convey poison damage enchants on your weapons in a row. This is extremely effective on pistols as your spells that apply the DoT will apply both pistols' at once. Poison damage over time + your Shadow Shot or Chaos Burst will be extremely powerful.

Your weapon is whatever ranged weapon you want. You could even do cannons which would work well with your charge bar. If you use cannons, try to find items that increase your attack speed and decrease your charge decay rate.

What you want is +% damage, +% poison damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, critical strike damage, cast speed, and + mana. In no particular order.

Generally: If you are running too low on mana, try to pick up some + mana as well as some +% damage so you can cast longer and each cast is more powerful so you require less spells to finish the job.

If you are critical striking a lot, try very hard to find +critical strike % damage because it will make your damage sky rocket. If you are using 2 pistols, chance to execute can't hurt but you get plenty of that from your Akimbo skill.

Just try to find whatever you are lacking in, though critical strike chance, attack speed, and critical strike damage is a good bet to success.

Spell Scrolls

Pick up Ranged Weapon Expertise, and if it stacks if you have one on your pet put on on your pet as well. Same goes for Dual Wield if you are using two pistols. Heal self on you and Heal All on your pet. I'd also recommend putting zombies and Rumble on your pet.

This is actually a build where I'd suggest the "Adventurer" spell scroll. Increased exp and fame are fine here since this build should be plenty powerful enough that it doesn't really benefit that much from having 4 spell scrolls.

Nukluk 2nd January 2013 03:45 AM

The Ranged Outlander

The Ranged Outlander

I'm running my Outlander up through the levels. Here are some pointers that I'm finding helpful.

Just a few things that I've stumbled upon that help me.
Use Ranged Weapons instead of melee.
  • It helps mitigate the damage you take.
Get Knockback on your ranged weapons if you can.
  • It helps keep MOBs at range and helps lessen the melee damage you take.
Get Rapid Fire ASAP.
  • This is your bread and butter skill for ranged weapons. I use it constantly.
  • It does cost mana, which leads me to my next point.
Get +Mana Regen & +Health Regen on your gear.
  • I'm a lazy player and like to take as few potions as possible.
Try to determine what kind of build you want early on, and concentrate sinking points where needed.
Rapid Fire - my mana skill of choice.
Long Range Mastery - increases damage and range.
Glaive Throw - well ... newbie snafu, I never use it.
Dodge Mastery - always enabled, increases dodge chance.
Poison Burst - always enabled, gives poison damage on MOBs and a chance to explode when they die.
Share the Wealth - shares your Charge benefits with pet, and gives you some extra benefits as well. Pet has to be within 16 meters of character.
My skills so far, centered around ranged weapons. Click pic to enlarge:

Although higher character levels can gain access to higher level gear, TL2 also allows stats as an alternative to unlocking gear. So let's talk about stats.
  • Dexterity is paramount in being able to use bows and crossbows.
  • Vitality helps you get some armor pieces.
  • Strength can also help unlock ranged cannons (Str, Dex, Vit needed on my current one).
  • Focus increases mana points and adds to magic damage. I have not found it a key to unlocking my choice of gear.
Here is a screenie of my current stats.
  • I don't find my choices here as vital as skills.
  • I often save my points until I find some piece of gear that using points here/there will help me unlock.

  • I rarely feed my pet, although I know it has benefits. I just like seeing the cat. But if you want to maximize potential, feeding is recommended.
  • Send your pet to town to unload gear you don't want, and to buy you goodies you need.
  • My pet is very useful when I'm in single play mode. Knockback can sometimes cause a stray MOB or two, and the pet usually takes care of them if I can't target them quickly enough.

Phanjam 4th January 2013 12:26 AM

Thanks Nukluk! I've also added a repost of adoomgod's Outlander builds article to the OP. I hope you find it helpful :)

Nukluk 5th January 2013 03:45 PM

OMG... I will have to study that once I've had some sleep, and then some coffee. I've just been flying by the seat of my pants, so I am positive I will learn a lot from that post.


Phanjam 5th January 2013 04:42 PM

Haha! Really hope it helps you :D
Adoomgod covers 3 build alternatives: Summonlander, Utililander (group support role) and Rangelander (the most popular build).

bob024 4th February 2013 08:52 PM

a little bit of help..
Hello ppl!

i was wondering what my stats should look like when going for the rangelander..
Im a very casual gamer, as i have a wife, 2 sons and a 40 hour/w job.. I just dont have the time for trail and error. It would be really helpfull if some1 could give me the best stats at max lvl so i can anjoy this very good game at the fullest. I really like long ranged gameplay so i probably will be using a bow or/and a rifle. Thanks in advance

GreyStone 3rd April 2013 07:05 PM

Very interested in choosing the Utililander build if you guys would like me to help out for groups. My favourite would be the Summonlander build, but i might leave just that one for playing with my gf for Lan. So i'll have 2 outlanders..(1 for non online and 1 for online)

Let me know if you guys already have one though incase so i can change my mind :)

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