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Oh cool, it's a mod then? I didn't realize that TL2 could be mod'ed. I wouldn't consider it cheating if I just re-spec'd my skills on my solo character. Heck, I wouldn't be bothered if others did it on LAN or internet characters either as long as we were not sinking more points/level than the game would have given us to use.

Thanks, I may try this out!

EDIT: Well, I downloaded and unzipped the .msi version - ran it through MS Security Essentials (said it was okay). However I am so very cautious about installing any 3rd-party software on my computers that I didn't install it. I guess my 'cold war veteran' angst is showing.

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Yes TL1 was/is extremely moddable and they've continued that into TL2, so the Torchlight franchise has a large and very active modder community. TL2 Rapid Respec is a result of that moddability.

If it'll give you any more confidence, take a look at Chthon's (the developer's) website Clockwork Core. IMO he's handled the development of this tool very professionally.

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Okay my choice for Embermage is going with the Chaoswand build..i was going to pick Elementalist, but leaving that one for my gf (she loves the embermage the most)

Think the staffmelee build is cool idea, but i'm already using a melee class so went against that idea for mage.
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