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Default Fire and Ice Embermage Build

This is the build for us lazy, button pushing, critter killing older gamers.
At least it works for me....
This has been played on veteran difficulty


The build uses only 3 offensive skills from the mage's point of view

Blazing Pillar
Prismatic Bolt

15/15 in each, which will take a while

for each attack start with Hailstorm and Blazing Pillar, follow them up with Prismatic Bolts, then recast Hailstorm and Blazing Pillars when the timers reset, using PB as needed for mop up. This sometimes requires some kiting but nothing to worry about.

Frost Phase 1/15 Teleport is always good for a mage in a tight spot!


Charge Mastery 5/15

Fire/Ice/Electric Brand 15/15 but give priority to the active skills.


I have the highest levels I can use of

Concentration- for mana regen
Elemental Overload- + to Damage
Adventuring -the extra percentage of effectiveness for potions helps
Barter- never pay retail!


I use the pet's 4 magic slots for Summons Magic

Currently I have 2 skeletons, lvls 3/4, Nether Imp, and Zombies (poison type)
Keep updating the spell levels as you advance in levels. The overall effect is somewhat like the Necromancer from Diablo 2. I tried the archers, but since they are stationary, they are not as useful as minions that follow you. I keep the pet set on aggressive mode so it runs ahead and tanks for me.


Ahhh here's the rub...this game is all about loot, of course. I tend to look for + All Damage,
+Mana, +Focus, and +Health.

I use a wand/shield combo 90% of the time, Dual wands just for a change.


Very simple

Strength 0
Dextrity 0
Focus 4 out of every 5 points
Vitality 1 out of every 5 points

That's about it, not to complicated and playing solo on veteran level it works very well, I am just about finished with Act III. Enjoy!!

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Yeah i'm enjoying my dual wand mage it sure is fun thanks for sharing that Arph..my gf is using melee staff mage build she loves it

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game..was worried the activity in this thread has dropped considerably since xmas. I have only been playing this game with my gf now for nearly a week.
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Default thankyou

Just wanted to say thankyou for posting this will try it out thank goodness my mage was only lvl 10 hehe will restart a new 1
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