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Unreal Tournament (Public) TS Channel available for TOG members.

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Default UT4 Server Browser - UTLauncher

Here is a link to a program some UT4 community developers did. It is a server browser for the community-setup servers that run the latest UT4 builds at any times. Allows players to get on, have some fun, and give feedback on the Epic UT4 forums if they want to.

Download Link for Server Browser:

Download Link for current latest UT4 build, posted by Epic (they require you to register on the forums to access the link, click the 'YES' link in the first post to accept their Terms and Conditions first and then it will start downloading:

Works great, and the Aussie server is usually quite populated!

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Gah - please give me some spare time! But awesome to hear that an au server is getting some love!
Thanks for the years TOG!
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