BF2142: Knife Wars 5 begins tonight

Reoh | 24 November 2009 | 16 comments (off)

Posted on behalf of the author, CarnalDestruct

With this first article I would like to share with you my excitement over the upcoming Battlefield 2142 Division Knife War! Starting on Tuesday 24th of November @ 8 pm, the Light Side will be coming into the game with pure vengeance in mind, while their Dark Side counterparts want to retain their champion status.

Within our BF2142 division players are free to chose which side they'd like to be on, with most of the evil people going to the Dark Side and all those who believe in justice to the Light. The Dark are run by our legendary evil man Omen, while the Light are commanded by the mighty strength of Commander Sully. This will be the fifth match between the sides, previously the Dark Side has won three matches and the Light side only once.

These are hard fought battles, with the basic goal of the game being the collection of 100 dog tags from the opposing team. Contestants are required to post a screen shot of each tag they acquire into the appropriate thread within the BF2142 Division forum. The war has no time limit, and we still play a normal game, just with the added incentive for knifing your opposition! First team to complete this wins, and gets bragging rights throughout the Division.

So far the teams are pretty evenly balanced, with only hours to go before it all starts. Still no sign yet of the infamous Azul_Ghost who holds an amazing 24,256 dog tags, and is totally wicked with a knife in hand; He is renowned for his sneaky ways in tracking his opponents across entire maps for a good stabbing and Tbag. That being said, there are many others on both sides feared for their knife & hunting skills.

I pity the poor non-TOGgers playing on our server who can cop it pretty bad, as all of us are paranoid about being stabbed, so have our knife out everywhere we go on the maps. Not that a few don't get their own back! Can the Dark Side hold onto victory?? Will the Light Side shine through the night??

Let the battle begin!

TOG's can sign up for the challenge here

The challenge from Knife War IV

16 Comments so far

Nice written Carm :-)

Awesome concept lol. Wish they did that in BF2 :)

CARNALDESTRUCT | 01:03 am - 25 November 2009

Within 2142 we do lots of these kinds of things just to keep the game interesting
The only sad part is the fact that GA or someone won’t run servers with the custom maps as that would really keep it interesting for everyone
Thanks for reading the article & the comments :)

Not hard to start up something the same as this GF2 guys and gals.
Need any help in setting it up for your division just PM me and i`ll help you out. Its amazing of the turn outs you get.

oops....GF2 i meant BF2 ... :)

Nicely written Carn!

Omen - good job organising as well mate!

bigfatdanny_au | 08:55 pm - 26 November 2009

Nice 1 Carm. Things are looking good at the moment for us LS’ders…

good article mate..wish i could joi nin..oh well i will just jump on your server and make it a bounty to get tags of both sides

Well well ,
Darkside wins 100-47.
Azul never joined but i gave him the chop twice for good measure :)

I hope you guys have fun with this.  I’ve never seen the appeal of it but each to his own :::: shrug :::

CommandeR_SuLLy | 09:03 pm - 2 December 2009

I just wanted to say how brave and strong CommandeR_SuLLy is......  :-)

CARNALDESTRUCT | 11:28 pm - 2 December 2009

A hard battle ensued but the evil dark side prevailed again
What a shame

and Omen destroyed 40 of you himself !!!

BAHAHAHAHA not stabbed once

hehehehehehehe gotta love being EVIL

NIce but good side and bad side lose to CHAOS MUHAHAHAHA CHAOS IS NO SIDE BUT will win

MinnyKiller92 | 02:59 am - 2 April 2010

HELLO, Were in this site would a clan go to request a friendly scrim with =TOG= in 2142

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