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Posted on behalf of the author, Grimberror.

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Revengerer, our Call of Duty: World at War (CoD:WAW) Division Captain (DC) here at The Older Gamers (TOG). Listed below are the questions that I asked him, so that I could share with you all a peek into his Division and its community.

1. When did you join the Division?
I joined TOG in November 2008 and joined the Division that same day; it was a humid Monday evening with the sun just starting to set over the horizon… *sigh*

2. Has the road in the top job been easy?
It seemed to be a case of perfect timing when I joined the Div was just starting to find its feet and I volunteered to be the Squad Leader Vendetta, the comp squad. After a few months of that I was asked to become a DVC and a few weeks again were promoted to DC.

3. When you were appointed DC did you change much?
I wouldn’t say that I changed a lot, just added to it; the previous DC and her VDC’s had done a great job setting the foundation. I try to organise a social night where everyone can come and enjoy a round of knives, pistols or riffles only, or just gang up and knife Doughboy cause he loves that.

4. How many people are active in your Division?
There are a reasonably small number of “active” members that are always on Team Speak, Xfire and posting on the forums, but we have a larger number of players who drop in from time to time or we see playing on the public servers. And then there are the lurkers; We know you’re there... come say “Hi!”

5. Would you say you have an active group?
We may be small but we are definitely active. We normally have a CyberGamer match once a week and there are always a few of us online every night. Jadorians hold their comps weekly and someone is always posting about something.

6. How many squads does the division field?
We have 2 squads, Vendetta – the comp squad, and the Jadorians who are our resident Zombie hunters.

7. You instigated the Jadorians, how did this come about?
World at War offers players the opportunity to play co-op missions against hordes of moaning, bleeding, brain sucking Nazi Zombies. Why anyone would choose to do this is beyond me but there was a large calling for it within the div so an internal comp was created. A big shout out to Grimberror and Doughboy for keeping those zombies at bay.

8. Vendetta is your Cyber Gamer squad, how long has it been in the Division?
Vendetta was founded in January 2009 by Boso and named after the WWII ship HMAS Vendetta, not a bunch of Sicilians intent on revenge!

9. Is there much interest in competing within the CoD:WAW Division?
Vendetta is definitely the most active part of our div. It has slowed a little over time but that is more due to real life commitments and WA’s refusal to adopt daylight savings time. We seem to be able to fill a squad for most scrims and when we are all in form we are a force to be reckoned with.

10. Do you run any other competitions?
We only have non-official comps, like who can stab Doughboy the most in one match or who can out knife me, but this is more for bragging rights. If we continue to increase our regular player count I’d love to be able to start an internal comp.

11. You have instigated the member’s achievements awards each month. Is this working well for morale and involvement?
It generates a little internal banter among players. With most of our members fully ranked up it gives them something to aim for. It also encourages members to play on the same servers as others to be a witness, or casualty to an event that is award worthy. We have badges for the best grenade, knife, pistol and the Jadorians and Vendetta have an award for the best player. The Div also has a MVP award that goes to the best member of the month for on and off the field activities. Oh and the n00b award for someone being... well a n00b!

12. How would you say this Division compares to other TOG Divisions?
We are much smaller, but we are a very different game. I don’t know of any other WWII game that looks this visually stunning. Also incorporating co-op and zombies adds another dimension to the game that others don’t. We may seem like another COD title but the game is one to itself and that is reflected within the Div.

13. How many servers do you have for your members, and are they popular?
We have 2 server’s one public and the other private for scrim practice. Now that we have switched the public server to a bolts only server it has seen a lot more traffic of late. All it seems to take is one or two members to be in there and it fills with other members or randoms quite quickly. Full Kudos to our server admin Brit for his efforts there.

14. Can anyone join your Division and squads?
Our doors are always open to new members; all that we require is TOG membership, owning a copy of WaW and a sense of humour.

15. Is there a waiting period to join the CyberGamer squad?
I like to keep vendetta open to everyone. All matches are posted in the forum and if you get your name on the list before 5 other people you in. There are no reserving spots for friends or blame if you’re not very good. Yes it’s nice to win but I feel that it’s more about getting together and having a crack...

16. Do you have active recruiting for your Division?
Our server advertises TOG and gives information on where to go to join and members are encouraged to try and recruit when possible.

17. Have you had good support from your DVC and Squad Leaders?
I have a really great team around me. I’ve known Doughboy, my VDC, for quite a few years and know that I will always have his ear, or shoulder to cry on. The Squad Leader of Vendetta, Brit, has done a great job taking over Vendetta and has kept the squad alive. Grimberror has done a marvellous job with Jadorians, it’s like a well oiled machine... it just runs smoothly.

18. Would you say that Teamspeak is a good support for this Division and TOG?
Team Speak is more than support for us... it’s more like the life blood. I’m on most nights, sometimes just chatting to the others about anything and everything. It’s essential for Vendetta matches too.

19. How do you find the Gaming within CoD5 WaW?
Aesthetically it’s amazing. It has a large variety of weapons and unlocks and a vast array of maps. There only seems to be a small amount of shady characters on the public servers so most of the time it’s a pleasant experience playing. There seems to be a small bug with the comp mod at the moment but there are talks on a new one being tested so I look forward to seeing that.

20. Does this Division have friendly clan verses clan games away from CG?
I know a few guys from other clans and we have spoken about organising something but nothing has come of it yet. A while back a few other “older gamer” clans had a friendly comp but at that time we didn’t have the numbers to join in.

Well Revengerer, thanks for the time you took away from your gaming to answer these questions for us about the COD:WAW Division. Any TOG that wants to should jump on Teamspeak and chat to the other members; and everyone at all can hop on our servers and have fun gaming with a great crew.

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Great interview Rev & Grim, nice to get a little insight, the exciting thing about the CyberGamer tourney they have now introduced the new mod (Commod V2) far better than the mod they were using. To be honest it feels like the game out of the box and being able to run again is great.

We would welcome any Toggers who want to get involved.... come join the fun.

Great stuff fellas!

To any others out there, I am happy to get in the way of your knives any time :)

Nice job rev and Grim, pity you mentioned the great job brit is doing his head is fat enough already :P

A bolts-only server, eh? Cool… might have to fire up my CoD:WaW (for the first time in ages) and check it out.

Good Job Grim , well done to you both

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