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Thread: TERA

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    I don't disagree - right now I'm trialling Reduce The Lag and it works great - and automatically. Seems to be better than Lowerping too so far.

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    I just joined TOG. I have recently started to play Tera to check out the new content and the gunner class. Right now I am on Mount Tyrannas server. I was hoping to join TOG in Tera but I am on the wrong server lol.

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    There is a thread in the members MMO section below if you want to join us

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    Default The BuddyUp System

    I posted in private MMO forum but am going to spam post it here as well.
    It might be beneficial to check this, if returning...

    What Is the BuddyUp System?
    TERA's Storm Season update introduces an in-game refer-a-friend feature, allowing players to invite friends to play TERA—and giving both players rewards for accepting the invitation and reaching various milestones (such as leveling up to level 65).

    Who Is Eligible?
    Mentors (players who refer friends) must be level 40 or above. Recruits must be players who have not played TERA in the past 30 days. Recruits can only apply one BuddyUp code, and it must be applied to a character level 9 or lower.
    Source - click for more info

    Seeing as are having a few returning periodically this might be beneficial

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    Default New

    Hi everyone. Im new to TOG and new to TERA an am looking for a family to join in playing all the MMO games I play. Thank you.

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    Default Hello

    I am new but not to Tera. I have 4-5 lvl 65's and need some end game help.

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    Say hi down in the Members section, we have a thread going here:

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    Is the Gunner still OP and unbalanced?

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    I haven't played for a little bit, so now idea.... RL and Aion is taking my spare time atm heh.

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    So how are things lately for TOG in TERA, looking to get into the game (played some hours some years ago only), seems there is no clan since the division has been archived, where are you guys playing at, US/EU? eternal question hehe.

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