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Thread: Warframe?

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    Default Warframe?

    Just signed on to see if anyone plays warframe? I'm fairly green still but was wondering if there are any active players in this community that i can play with.

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    The members Warframe Division can be found here:

    Post there and you'll find many who are willing to play.
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    Most active is Australian prime time where we have had 5-6 players almost every night. Weekends this creeps up to 8-10 and our maximum has been around 20 players at once.

    About 30 active players and a core group of 5 or 6 that play a lot.

    Post your name for an invite to the clan and jump on team-speak to say hello.

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    Cheers for the posts, I thought this was the right section to ask, thanks for directing me the right way. Have posted my ign there

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