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Thread: Chronicles of Elyria: Finally Defining The 'True' Sandbox MMO Experience

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    Caspian (Dev of COE) will be addressing various concerns player's have expressed in this thread:

    It will be happening in a live-stream, I believe it is happening 7PM EST tomorrow (11AM Monday AEDT).

    I'll try get confirmation if I can before then and a link for it.

    EDIT: Confirmed - 7PM EST Monday (11AM AEDT Tuesday)
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    Sorry about not making updates lately. I am currently in the process of trying to move from Japan to Canada with my entire family so my time on forums and in games has been decreased to basically nil. Hopefully I will get to make some updates this week but no promises. At any rate, the Developer Journals should be enough to give you any extra information for after my article. Also, as Daworm said, the screens are from ingame. I have even been personally privy to seeing some ingame video footage (Soulbound studious does not want to share video footage yet, but I expect it will be available soon) so I can attest to the fact that this game is real and happening. Also keep in mind, if you go to the IRC channel and make rational cases for why something should or should not be in the game, they do actually listen. A few major changes have already been made based on feedback in the forums and in IRC that point out some design flaws (I am even responsible for one such change dealing with in-game marriages).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vell View Post
    (I am even responsible for one such change dealing with in-game marriages).
    This may have changed slightly in the last ... 24-hours.

    --- But looking forward to the address to the community 17 hours.

    Tune in 7PM EST (11AM AEDT) at the following link:

    If you haven't registered yet on the COE forums - please do. Every registered member counts - feel free to use my referrer code: B0E240 (or Vell's: ToGCoE)
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    As mentioned, this is starting in a few minutes for those interested.

    Live-streaming from here

    Addressing a series of questions from this thread

    Part 2 of this will continue at the same time tomorrow. They did not fully address everything they wanted to cover from the thread as yet.
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    Part 2 of this concerns thread QnA is about to start:

    If you want to peruse the transcript of the first one... i and a few other's worked on it and posted it here:

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    Newest Design Journal is up for Chronicles of Elyria

    Player Housing Part 1

    This is the first time Caspian let his article go two pages, and that was because it was too chunky to trim it back to just 1 page.

    Alongside a playable demo next year, we'll see a standalone architecture tool made available to us for playing around with housing designs etc. Perhaps as part of the playable demo?

    Also Parkour will be in-game so those agile assassins can run up and over buildings... to what degree not yet known as they haven't hooked all the mechanics together, but have animations built already. With the end goal you can run upto, hit a chair and do a tumble over it and continue on... think Assassins Creed or Mirror's Edge for the movement up/over and around buildings.


    If you haven't yet... register on the COE website.
    Use Vell's referal code: 709C0E
    Or even mine! B0E240

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    They spoke about Kickstarter plans maybe a month ago, the start date should be announced soon. Unless I'm missing something!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesGoblin View Post
    They spoke about Kickstarter plans maybe a month ago, the start date should be announced soon. Unless I'm missing something!?
    Yes soon.

    They're currently waiting on the website update + videos and sufficient media to be uploaded before announcing the Kickstarter. Caspian (Jeromy Walsh - CEO of Soulbound) has been adding features in the backend to the website itself and they have an external webdev redoing the front-end part of the page adding a ton more features (powered by backend stuff).

    They've released a few new images and are slowly spinning up their social media campaigns. If you have time to spare have a look at BicycleWalrus Youtube playlist for COE there's HOURS of content to watch, especially the QnA's with Caspian himself. If watching isn't your thing, then you can read them here

    They've released a few more images recently on their twitter page and the terrain and environment you see (minus the houses and corn fields I believe) are procedural generation. This is just but one of the biome's they're working on which in this case is the Taiga biome.

    They will also be featuring with some cover art for Gaiscioch as well as an 8-page article spread.

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    Checking new game, I'd be mostly interested in videos, preferably combat - at least couple seconds of it.

    Of course, screenshots and concepts are also doing the job to some extent, but showing some "live" action is what might make or break the Kickstarter!?
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    Some more images have been released on the official website. Media - Chronicles of Elyria

    Also here: CoE Nature Progress Pictures - Album on Imgur as a handy IMGUR album we're allowed to share. Previously limited to just IRC haunting until now.

    They are also featured as cover art on Gaiscioch's Quarterly magazine. With a preview of the Astral Plane which is taken from in-game on the client engine.

    In addition to that we're having the kickstarter date and a little video very very soon. They're touching it up now as I post this.

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