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Thread: Work Safe Month

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    Work Safe Month

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    October being work safe month, today I went and done some interviews with a few papers and channel 7 as part of awareness program for my lawyers.

    Please I would just like to put it out there, think about your family first, it's them that gets hurt the most from a death or serious injury.
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    having gone through a similar accident myself i can feel your pain and know how much it affecte the family, i remeber watching the buffers come together as i desperetly tried to get my hand out then the sudden crush as my thumb was destroyed, i remember the look of horror on my workmates face and the thought i had at the time 'that is going to really hurt soon' i remember the trip in the ambulance the morphine and the nerve blockers they gave me then the trip to cairns in the back of another ambulance

    i remember the doctors saying they could replace the thumb with a toe and i thought they were kidding but six months later the operation was done, the psychological stuff was a lot harder to get over and to be honest i dont think im over it yet, my pre existing Dysthemic depression spiralled out of control and after numerous visits to psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers i am still menatally messed up, one thing people seem to forget is the impact accidents like this have on families these sort of things affect everyone thats close to you and this can also impact on your mental health

    i feel your pain brother and as you know im always here for a chat...take care and know you are in my thoughts always


    Reefer out

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    I always think of this Worksafe Victoria (2007) video

    What colour does the letter 7 smell like?

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    Work Safe Month

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    Yeah thats it, what happened to me was shit, what happened to my family is unforgivable.

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    Work Safe Month

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    TOG promotes worksafe - the large Policeman in this ad is our very own Battlescoob (who, sadly, isn't around very much these days)

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    to put it plainly before i begin, my boss is was an arsehole and an idiot.

    last year i had a workplace accident.
    i was at work on a farm, and we were ramming in reinforced cement fence posts,

    we had already done about 50 or so.
    we were using a tractor mounted post driver, sort of like the one in the picture below

    to do this i had to place the post in a small hole we had dug earlier, (once in the hole the post stood at about 7ft) then place a steel bowl over the top with rubber inside.
    My boss would then back the tractor up to the post and position the post driver above the post. once all this is done only then is a safety cage wrapped around the post.
    here is the dangerous part
    my boss backed up, turned on the pto to run the post driver and got the tractor revs up, BUT, had forgot to put the tractor in neutral before lifting his foot from the clutch.
    the tractor was still set to reverse and when he lifted his foot from the clutch, it jumped back, slamming into the cement post that i was holding, in turn smashing me in the head with the post and steal bowl and sending me flying a few feet backwards.


    i woke up a min later, all i could see was blackness and stars.

    my boss jumped out of the tractor, came over to me to see if i was alright, i had a small cut on my forehead but not much else at the time, he then suggested that we stop, and he then said i should drive the tractor back to the shed and he would take the ute, i did this, with a headache that was quickly getting worse.
    back up at the shed, i got out of the tractor, and had to sit down, told my boss i wasnt feeling too good. he said ok and to sit in the shade and have a drink.
    he then went inside and had his lunch.

    somewhere around here i got up and went into the dairy shed to set it up for the evening milking, this usually takes about 5mins, but after about 45min, i stopped and made a phone call to my sister. now the thing is, i distinctly remember asking her, "what is the signs of a concussion?" then hanging up on her.
    about 10mins later, my work mate Joanne turns up (was her day off).
    My sister had called Jo and said that i had called and sounded like i was drunk or stoned, garbled some crap and hung up, and if she could come to check on me.
    when Jo got there, i was on the floor and throwing up.

    Jo got me to the car and took me to the local med center (i would call it a hospital but that would be giving it to much credit)

    i was checked in, and to cut a huge story short, i had a severe concussion, swelling on my brain, and i now have a bit of a problem with short term memory loss.

    In all i had 2 weeks off from work (with pay), never spoke with worksafe, and i no longer work there.

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    I see and deal with these incidents every day and unfortanately incidents like Hippy's and Ironsides are too common, though things in Victoria have improved out of sight in the last 15 years, we're still not where we need to be.

    I can recall most of the stuff I've seen over the last 10+ years, but I can assure you that its nothing compared to the effect it has on the individuals lives, their colleagues and their families.

    So be safe out there and remember if its only work, and NOTHING is more important than going home in one piece at the end of the day!

    Also if the workplace is that unsafe let someone know so it can get fixed or call WorkSafe (or your equivalent OHS/WHS regulator) to get it sorted.
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