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Thread: The Devision

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    Thumbs up The Devision

    Hey I just want to get an idea who is playing the Beta and who intends to get the game?

    If any Togger sees me on , I think Xbox live shows you being at home while you are playing the Beta, so add me if you want to team up.
    Happy gaming.☺☺

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    Pre ordered and have enjoyed the Dark Zone more than I thought I would in a group with 3 randoms.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the full game even more now.

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    Hey, I enjoyed beta and ready to go. Does it start at midnight? COPPERDOGDOG on Xbox 1 ( Same as BO3)
    "No enemy left standing!"

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    I will be. Didn't play the beta but from what i have seen, I'll love it

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    Posted elsewhere - but probably getting it. Gotta see how launch and initial reviews go.
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    To be honest there has been game issues but all things considered it has been really good. I have had more issues with BF4 and Destiny than this game. I think the real fun starts at level 30 in the challenges and Incursions. Hope to see more Toggers playing this game. Latter toggers��������

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