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Thread: Battleborn vs Overwatch

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    Default Battleborn vs Overwatch

    Battleborn Vs Overwatch ? We Compare The Arena Shooters

    Any takers for either? I loved the battleborn beta, and have only played a couple days during the overwatch beta. Overwatch is frenetic, arena shooter vs battleborn which has shooter elements and moba elements all in one.

    I found myself enjoying battleborn more during the beta but wasn't able to get much overwatch time in--open beta is beginning of May.

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    I've been in Overwatch closed beta for a while now I and absolutely love it. I ended up preordering since I've already put in over 100 hours anyway, basically felt like I've already got my money's worth.

    Battleborn was ok but I mostly just played co-op with friends, they didn't want to play PvP. I did have a go against bots and it seemed like a lot of fun. I don't like gearbox's humour much though. They have some great character design but I don't like characters being locked either, just let me choose who I want to play as.

    My concern with Battleborn is where it's going to be a few months after launch. I'll probably buy it on sale if the community is still going strong in 3 months time.
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    Add me if anyone gets it. Decided to pre-order and not regretting it. I'm down for either co-op story or PvP. Usually on for a couple hours each night, NA EST time zone. More on the weekend.

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    I was enjoying the Overwatch beta on PC with my second hack at it. Might have to get it when it's on sale. Too many games, too little time...

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