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Thread: Doom on PS4? Avoid

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    Default Doom on PS4? Avoid

    No point burying the lead. Despite some positive reviews I've seen on line, this is one game I should have skipped. It isn't a terrible game, but it's just so bland and "meh". The campaign mode has you bouncing back and forth between Mars and Hell with little in the way of cogent or narratively appealing explanation. And there's not a single character of note (let alone a likeable character) in the whole thing.

    Technically, it's certainly proficient, but the loading times are excruciatingly long at times. It looks vaguely current gen, but is thoroughly out-classed in the looks department by other current titles (I'm looking at you Uncharted 4)

    Apart from a graphical spit-and-polish and some ropey jumpy-platforming mechanics, this is the same Doom you played back in '93.

    There's better multiplayer shooting to be had, and far better single-player games too.

    I'd say leave this mediocre tat on the shelf.

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    I own it on XB1 and think it's possibly the best looking game I've ever seen. I bought it for my son on ps4 and played it on that system a bit before sending it to him. It definitely doesn't look as crisp graphically and I noticed some screen tearing. It also didn't feel quite as smooth on the controls.

    I haven't read any reviews or impressions that have called out differences between the platforms, and metacritic actually has the ps4 version averaged a few points higher in review scores.

    I like the game overall. I really suck at it but it's still fun. I would definitely recommend it on the XB1.
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    I am currently playing Doom on the PS4 and it is ok, tbh not a lot has changed since the original in terms of playability. If you are into first person shooters then I can highly recommend Dying Light on the PS4, I thoroughly enjoyed that game and it has a decent story line too.
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