Guild Wars Division Overview

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The TOG GW division was honored as Guild of the Week by ArenaNet for the week of November 14-20, 2006. We have a well established worldwide player base consisting primarily of North American, European, and Australian members.

Steady growth in TOG’s Guild Wars division had prompted the regular addition of more guilds: Temple of the Older Gamers in the spring of 2006, Templars of Older Gamers in November 2006, Tribe of Older Gamers in February 2007, and Tower of Older Gamers in May 2007. We consider the five guilds as one and the same and members converse via Alliance Chat. Each guild consists of players grouped together in similar time zones when they play, so that there is always a large compliment of people on at any given time.

Each guild has between 30-80 players, for a total membership of over 350 players.

TOG now finds most of its players exploring their way together through the GW:EN expansion, vanquishing, elite missions, chattering away on Alliance Chat, XFire, and TeamSpeak as we either surge or struggle through the new content with many laughs as we share our frustrations and challenges. Members also find harbor in an active forum which allows all members to stay in contact, ask for help, get opinions, and the occasional laugh and joke around. Optional cross-guild events are offered monthly by the leadership and members are welcome to create and lead events as well. 

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