Guild Wars: Winds of Change

inoshiro | 14 October 2011 | 10 Comments

Change is coming to Cantha

The Winds of Change is new content that has been (and will be) released in three parts during 2011.  It is the third part of Guild Wars Beyond, a series of storylines and events that bridge the content between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, and follow occur after the main campaigns.

Winds of Change is set in Cantha, the continent explored in Guild Wars: Factions.  The story has players joining forces with the new Ministry of Purity.  The new Ministry’s goal is to clear Cantha of the evil Afflicted, who still roam the city and countryside.  Sounds like a nice bunch of people, so of course we will help them!

The only requirement for a character to begin the Winds of Change is to complete Factions first.  After that, talking to Initiate Zei Ri in Kaineng Center will begin the quest chain.  But, beware!  Completing the first quest alters the spawns in many explorable areas of Cantha, usually making them a bit more difficult (but not impossible).  Therefore, characters planning to vanquish Cantha might be better of to complete vanquishing before starting the quest chain.

Part one, released in July, consisted of 17 main storyline quests and 3 optional quests.  All Winds of Change quests have normal and hard mode versions, so players who want an extra challenge can repeat them for extra rewards.  The enemies have newly designed builds, some of which are designed to counter the current PvE meta builds used by many players.  Unprepared players may be torn to pieces!

Part two was released recently, in late September.  An additional 11 quests were added, as well as new unique weapon drops.  Compared to the quest rewards in part one, part two’s are much shinier!

So far the new content has also introduced one new weapon set (which use models of existing weapons), with another one promised ("never seen before").  There are also 2 Winds of Change related costumes available for purchase at the NCsoft store.

Guild Wars Division Toggers’ reactions to part one was mixed.  While some people loved to see new, challenging content in what is now an old game, others found the quests repetitive and the rewards underwhelming.  Part two has fared better, with better rewards and more interesting story development.

We eagerly await part 3, which is expected in late 2011.

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