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inoshiro | 5 June 2011 | 2 comments (off)

In any online game, playing together is more fun than playing alone! TOG members love to get together to help each other out, complete difficult tasks, or just play for the fun of it.

In the Guild Wars Division, some have taken it upon themselves to organise regular events, and this page is a summary of the current, recurring events. All members are encouraged to join in where they can make it, or to organise their own event! Of course players can team up outside of these events too - just shout out in alliance chat!

The regular, ongoing events in the division currently are (links are for TOG members only):

Event Description Time
Main Toon Needy Nights Yvnu, Silver Lady, Shogun and others set aside 2 nights a week for helping YOU with whatever your main toon needs. The scope is anything someone needs for titles or the Hall of Monuments, including but not limited to missions, dungeons, vanquishes, skill capping, cartography and elite missions. Normal or hard mode. Claim on the forum or just shout out on the night. Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm Sydney
(3am US Pacific, 10am UTC)
Fonzie and Sheldon's "that's my spot" fun run The fun bus departs every Friday afternoon and your hosts Fonzie and johnsheldon will drive for as long as people are interested or as long as the red bull holds out. The activity will be whatever people feel like but is announced on the forum in advance. All Toggers are welcome who want to laugh, joke and have fun. Don't make John turn the bus around and take you all back to Old Ascalon! Friday 3pm US Pacific
(Sat 8am Sydney, Fri 10pm UTC)
Saturday Evening Eurotime run Organised by Mes More for (but not limited to) the European Toggers, this event regularly tackles various difficult tasks such as the Underworld and challenge missions. Saturdays 6pm UTC
(11am US Pacific, Sunday 4am Sydney)
Saturday Night Dungeons HM Every Saturday night this brave group of Toggers delves into an Eye of the North dungeon. The dungeon is usually chosen to coincide with a Zaishen Bounty during the week, so keep an eye on the thread. Saturdays 8pm Sydney
(3am US Pacific, 10am UTC)

This article will be updated as events come and go.

Note: For simplicity, events are given for 3 time zones: Australian Eastern, US Pacific and UTC. During summer, London is one hour ahead of UTC. Conversion to your local time zone is left as an excercise for the reader :)

Past events! Although these have petered out, they will come back if there is interest in them. Feel free to ask or to volunteer!

Is your event missing from this list, or something incorrect? pm inoshiro to get it added or fixed!

2 Comments so far

Are these events still ongoing?

Not all of them Marius, I’ll mention it to Ino and he will update.

Main Toon Needy Night is still running but has changed from Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday night dungeons are still running, being run by Jelly now.

The others have died out I’m afraid. But I’m not sure if Mes’s is still going.
Just keep an eye on Alliance chat if you would like to join in anything.

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