GW: Embark Beach Update

inoshiro | 7 March 2011 | 0 Comments

The latest game update adds a variety of new features and improvements.

  • Many of these features aim to improve the quality of life for players in the gameNew location Embark Beach, a new outpost on the Battle Isles from where you can travel to any unlocked mission.  This outpost was added to facilitate group play by helping players find or offer assistance more easily.
  • Zaishen Vanquishes added to the daily Zaishen quests.
  • Seven hero parties.
  • Mercenary heroes (store purchase), allowing you to use other characters on your account as heros.
  • New daily quests in pre-searing to make the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title attainable without death levelling.
  • The drunkard and survivor titles have been made easier to attain.
  • A new minion UI allows you to see the health of minions and spirits under your control.

For more information see Destination Embark Beach.

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