GW: Hall of Monuments: the Link Between Guild Wars 1 & 2

inoshiro | 18 December 2010 | 8 Comments

Since the release of Guild Wars: Eye of the North, we have known that the Hall of Monuments will have some kind of influence on Guild Wars 2. Until now, the details have been all speculation and rumour. But in October 2010, ArenaNet finally announced the details, and also released a very useful Hall of Monuments calculator.

The calculator assigns a score to each monument based on achievements in Guild Wars 1. The monuments and their associated achievements are:

  • Monument of Devotion: Dedicated Minipets
  • Monument of Fellowship: Hero and pet statues
  • Monument of Honor: Titles and other statues
  • Monument of Resilience: Elite armour sets
  • Monument of Valor: High end weapons
You can earn tapestries to unlock the monuments by completing the primary quest chains in Eye of the North.

The total score is out of 50. Each point up to 30 will unlock a reward item, which will be available to your Guild Wars 2 account once the game is released. To see the item in detail, click on the icons in the reward meter. After 30 points, you earn titles you will be able to show off in Guild Wars 2 instead of items.

To use the calculator, you must have purchased the Eye of the North expansion. Simply enter your character’s name to see their progress.

The TOG Guild Wars division has seen an increase of activity since the release of the calculator, as members scramble to earn points. Members who had moved to other TOG game divisions have been coming back to earn points. The division’s regular events to help people with titles has become more popular, as people now have focus on what they want to achieve. The guild makes trips to elite areas for members who need the statues, as well as any mission quest or dungeon needed to complete a title.

If you’re coming back to Guild Wars, here’s some suggestions on where to start:

  • Check your characters have added statues for all their titles, and have dedicated any elite armour, weapons and minipets.
  • Use the calculator to see what’s missing. It has a “to-do” list which you can save or print out.
  • Visit the TOG GW division forum regularly - The Hall of Heroes - for informative links and to join in the discussions.
  • Check the TOG GW Xunlai Trade Faire - division members are using it to swap minipets and any other items they need for their hall progress.
  • Ask for help - or offer to help others - on the forum, in alliance chat or on teamspeak.
  • Play the game and have fun!

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