GW - MAD COWS INFEST Shing Jea Monistery

Ulric | 1 February 2009 | Comments off

MAD COWS INFEST Shing Jea Monistery

MAD COWS INFEST Shing Jea Monistery

It was a nice quiet day in the monastery today… well thats what I was expecting to find on my arrival to visit a few good friends and have some drinks… it turns out I was lucky enought to time my visit, with one of the outstanding events that was going on in the GW universe. The Canthan New Year this years event was highlighted by the visit of the Celestial OX and his band of Mad Cows. It was fun to watch him as he raced around spreading good cheer and chasing bad spirits away! Trust me when the stampeed that they went on hit it shook the buildings! and it will be a good long time before any pesky spirits even think to bother the monastery again! It was amazing to see the various meals the different chefs were able to put together for his pleasure.

Not only that but I was able to find out that there were quite a few special missions to be done in the local area just what my adventurous blood was crying out for, something to hack and slash! It took me no time at all to gather some of my friends togther and convince them that we needed to have a go at driving some spirts from one of the local villages, helping a poor fellow who had the misfortune of getting a unlucky forcast for himself in the coming year and driving some silly has been Knights that say Nain back into the dust they sprang from!

Let me give you a little bit of an idea of what this Last battle was like. The party included myself (Unk the Bloodyblade), just your average low level assassin, one of my friends Squirrel is A Ninja (who I am keeping my eye on to learn his skills) a well trained and outstanding killer that takes no guff and will slice you to shreds. also one of my favorite Warrior/Nec friends Smarmy Gizmo (we all call him Giz) and the wonderous monk Shinzon Thor, we all met up in shing jea for some rice cakes and wine when we heard a rumor that Johia Sohn had this good paying mission for us. So as we were well into our cups and a bit bored, and it was going to be some time before the wonderous OX returned. We decided to take a trip out to where we had been told we might have a good chance of running into the nefarious Knights that say Nain.

We left Tsumei at a little after 4 in the afternoon. It was a nice clear sunny day with the summer breezes blowing the scents of noong berrys everyware. A few minutes after leaving town we ran into a few Naga’s that looked at Giz the wrong way and of course, he took offence and proceeded to teach them about one of his skills. The tripple chop, it was not long before they were sent to the after life with nothing to show but the bad taste of their own bile in there mouth!

Shinzon hardly had time to cast a spell (he worrys about everyone to much) I am pretty sure he cast a nice healing breeze as I felt much refreashed after that fight. And I know, well it was so fast I think I saw Squirrel hit one of them with his talons, but it was just to fast for the eye to see.

We continued on up the snow covered mountian side where I managed to got lost for a few minutes because I was writing down what happened and everyone else left me behind. But it was ok I had my boon compainion Jazzytonyton with me. Jazzytonyton is a Tiger cub I found while wandering outside the monastery one day, he is one mean tiger and likes to find trouble were he can. We eventually found the right trail and soon caught up with the party, they had kindly left us a trail of dead bird type things so it was really easy to find them. We then found some mantides that were nothing more then pesky and we took parts of them for a nice stew. Lucky for us Shinzon noticed some Kappas not far away. This gave us a nice shell to cook the stew in and one of them even had a nice green dye which it dropped for me!

We came to a bridge and Squirrel let out a soft wistle to let us know to ready our weapons, because he had spotted the foe! Giz grabbed out his trusty Deldimor Axe and his Aegis of the condemmed, Shinzon whipped out his Baleful Sceptor of memmory and his hallowed Idol of fortitude. I had out my pen (Well, I was trying to keep track of what was happening afterall) and swapped it for my bow nothing special just a old bone longbow I found in a cave one day and Squrrel readied his famous Sundering Talons of Enchanting.

We approached the Knights from the west, so the little sun that was left was in their eyes, their leader Haef Bei was spouting off some nonsence that we were no worthy match for them. Pah Pei another of their party said something about them not wasting their time and the other knight Chae pan agreed, she was a tricky looking one she had a bow and looked like she could use it. They blathered on for a bit amongst themselves and that really irked Giz.

Well Giz being Giz took offence ( yeah I know, he is like that ya gotta love him for it) and moved over to have words with Haef but Chae aimed her bow at him so I set jazzy after her, still even as he started to bounce she was able to get two quick shots of her bow off at Giz and about that time I see Squirrel launch into his deadly palm strike which he followed up with his death blossem (I so need to learn those skills!) and that made short work of Chae, while that was happening Giz did a number on Haef using his Cyclone axe attack and ended up dismembering her leg with one wicked Twisting chop! Thats when things started to go bad, Pah pei had moved off behind me while I was watching what was happening and caught me with two quick hits that I never saw comming if it wasen’t for Shinzons quick Orrison of healing and his follow up attack spells Spear of light and Stone soul strike, (Which Giz told me about later) I doubt I would be around anymore to enjoy the nice rice wine that Johai gave us after we got back!

It was one nasty fight, but fun for all and worth it in the end. We got lots of goodies and I think I learned a little something about that palm attack of squirrels I will just have to practice it a bit and see if I have it down.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and maybe, I will have time to put something togther from one of the next scrapes I get myself into! sorry for any errors in this as I was being dragged off by Giz to a party as I finished it and had no time to dot the I “s and cross the T’s

Unk the Bloodyblade

Written By: UNK

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