GW: Main Toon Needy Night

inoshiro | 18 December 2010 | Comments off

Monday and Wednesday nights, 8.00PM Sydney time we run ”Main Toon Needy Night”.

This event is to get your “main” character through any parts of the game that you need, to get your titles. e.g. Protector of Elona, Guardian of Tyria, Legendary Vanquisher etc.

Anyone who has a “main” character and needs some help to progress is welcome to put in a request. This can either be done on the forum, in alliance chat or on teamspeak.

Toggers who are coming to help the person requesting are welcome to bring any character they wish. If your main toon has already done what we are doing that night, you can either bring your main toon for the fun of grouping up or change to an alt to fill out their achievements.

Please don’t be afraid to ask, even if someone else has done so already. Unless it’s a huge vanquish or a dungeon which will take a long time, we can often get 2 or 3 things done in the one night, and if we can’t fit you in, you will take priority for the next one and remember, this is all ‘fun’.

Author: Silver Lady

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