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inoshiro | 31 December 2010 | 0 Comments

With the latest resurgence of interest in GW, a lot of returning players might be a little out of touch with some of latest builds, especially for heroes.

Perhaps the most effective multi-purpose team build in use at the moment is the Discord Spam team. Capable of dealing huge amounts of damage in a very short time, it is also a resilient build able to handle most HM missions and vanquishes straight out of the box. It does require some elite skills and a higher rank in some of the EoTN faction lines, so it might not be accessible to some players.

An alternative is the 3 necro ‘Sabway’ team which is less reliant on any faction titles, but is still capable of dominating in most NM PvE areas. It can be found here in the Daijun Library part of the forum, along with many other useful builds.

Running either of these teams should help you through most areas, but there are also some other builds for heroes that are also highly useful (especially against certain bosses or dungeons).

A couple of other builds seeing a lot of use at the moment are:

  • The smiting monk. A good addition, especially if you are a melee player who can control aggro and ball MOBs.
  • Interrupting Mesmer. This build is sick at shutting down casters - invaluable against fast-casting bosses in places like Boreas Seabed or the War in Kryta mission ‘Temple of the Intolerable’
Both can be found here.

If you’re looking for something else in particular, then don’t be shy to shout out in Alliance Chat - someone is bound to be able to ping you something that can help.

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