GW2: The Charr

inoshiro | 8 May 2011 | Comments off

The charr are one of the five playable races in Guild Wars 2. Arena Net has released an indepth look at this race. We still look forward to more information on the elusive sylvari and the ingenious asura.

With the roar of engines and the thunder of guns, we rip each day from life's teethThe charr are a formidable race, one of the most technologically advanced in all of Tyria, they possess a ruthlessness that rivals their industry. After being led astray for centuries by the hands of the Flame Legion and false gods, the charr came to worship nothing but their own might. It was with blood stained teeth and gunpowder stained claws that the Ash, Iron and Blood Legions were able to seize control of the charr nation and finally push back the remaining humans. Once rife with human interlopers, the lands of Ascalon were about to be retuned to the providence of their rightful owners.

Not only were the charr fighting a war against the humans and a civil war against their own, but they were winning both fronts. Built above the ruins of the Ascalonian capital city of Rin, the charr’s Black Citadel was a monument to the failings of the human race. As the scourge of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik poisoned the land and gave rise to new horrors, the charr and the remaining humans were forced into an uneasy truce. This tentative calm gave the final human stronghold of Ebonhawke a breath of relief from a centuries old siege, yet many enemies remain and the ghosts of Ascalon are not easily put to rest.

Author: Rivenheart

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