Happy 6th Birthday Guild Wars!

inoshiro | 29 April 2011 | Comments off

6 years ago today*, Arenanet released Guild Wars.  It’s also the 6th anniversary of the first TOG GW Guild, which was created on day one.  And we are still here!

Normal birthday celebrations have started.  The Shing Jea boardwalk is open, giving access to the Rings of Fortune, Nine Rings and Dragon Nest games.  Rollerbeetle Racing (mario kart mini game) and the Dragon Arena (dodgeball themed PvP) are back.  Birthday cupcakes have a chance to drop from monsters in PvE.

Sixth birthday presents are also out for characters who have reached that age.  Unlike all previous birthday presents, they contain a new series of everlasting tonics instead of minipets.

The event also coincides with a game update which delivers a small number of new features:

  • New PvP mechanic: Flux - intended to increase dynamic builds in PvP and assist in balance
  • Introduction of Hard Mode quests (only 1 available at the moment)
  • The hero Razah can now change profession to any that you like
  • Friends list now shows the location of mutual friends
  • Pre-searing characters can now dress up using costumes and festival hats

Some nice surprises this year!  The next major content update expected for Guild Wars is the Winds of Change, more content which will bridge the storyline between the original and Guild Wars 2.

For more information:

* Due to publishing delays, actually 6 years and one day ago :)

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