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GET OFF MY LAWN! (Weekly WvW Events Wednesday night and Saturday your time zone.)

What: This event is a day for when I would like to concentrate TOG into WvW. We will be taking all points in the Yak’s Bend Borderlands and holding it. If we get no opposition we will move to other borderlands, but port back and defend Yak’s Bend if it comes under attack. We will also claim both Keeps on Yak’s Bend and fly the TOGtopus high in the sky!

If you are unable to get into Yak’s Bend straight off head to a different borderlands and just queue up for Yak’s. If it looks like we will have more people than can fit in one borderland we can spread out to different zones and try to occupy WvW with TOG alone.

I will be online for the OC timezone for both events, but this doesn’t mean we can not keep it going when I am not around! Last night I just listened for a good 30min to the guys in TS and followed their lead. TOG has plenty of people out in WvW and they are doing great things.

Where: Yak’s Bend Borderlands

When:Wednesday night and Saturday your time zone.

Requirements: Level 1, I know it’s hard to do but if you really try you might hit it in a day or 2 This is not a “hardcore” thing and will never be. Every TOG is welcome and encouraged to give it a try.

To get to Yak’s Bend Borderlands hit “b” and press the go to WvW button on top of the window. At the popup press Yak’s Bend.

Teamspeak is not required but will great aid. Even if you can just listen in it will really help!

Questions regarding this event can be answered in the forum thread.

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What I love about this game and WvW is:

1. Everyone can carry supply
2. Everyone can melt faces on a cannon

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