Get to know your guildmate interview #4: Serah De Vere

Ral_Partha | 29 December 2012 | 96 Comments
Name: Ron

Age: 37

Family: Married with 2 young daughters

Pets: none for now, but the girls would love having a dog

What do you do for a job? Healthcare business analyst

What would you rather be doing for a job? Designing concept cars

Favorite Pastime outside Gaming? More gaming of course! j/k I enjoy playing with my kids, playing basketball and watching movies with my wife.

It’s your last meal…. What do you have? Surf and turf - 16oz Rib eye steak cooked medium rare with a whole lobster and a side of onion rings and baked potato loaded with all the fixings

What’s your favorite movie? Star Wars Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back

What’s your favorite book? Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Cake or Pie? Cake

You’re having Dinner tonight and have 3 Guests (alive or dead) to invite, Who are they and why?
1. Chuck Norris
2. Bruce Lee
3. Jet Li
Who wouldn't want to see the three of them together in the same room? Imagine the possible outcomes after (or during) dinner ranging from a civilized conversation about philosophy to an all-out brawl.

What are some of the stand out games that you’ve played in the past? Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 series (PC), Starcraft (PC), Street Fighter (SNES).

Favorite Game so far? Super Mario Bros for SNES (played it for hours on end when I was a kid)

What have been your top 3 concerts you’ve ever been to? I haven't been to many, but one favorite would be Bon Jovi.

How long have you been a member of TOG? 4 months since getting GW2

Of all your toons, which 2 are your favorite and why? Also, what is the origin of their names? My elementalist and mesmer because they are the only 2 I really have so far (I only just started a warrior). Their names are based on a list of names we narrowed down to that we chose from for my daughters.

What do you most like about gw2? The ability to play with others online.

Game improvements, what would you like to see improved? Guild alliance chat

If arena net asked you to create a new playable character class for the first expansion, what would it be? Dragon - wouldn't that be something.

What new crafting profession would you like to see introduced into GW2? Drink maker to go along with the chef profession.

Do you have a facebook page or website where guildies could keep in touch with you outside of gaming? Sorry, no Facebook account or personal website.

Ok, since Serah isnt providing a personal website, Im going to invoke my power as a TOG correspondant, to provide an alternate website. Not Serahs by any means, just something I found to make you think "WTF is this"??? This week, the site is Tom Selleck Sandwiches

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gorgestevenson | 10:48 am - 25 September 2013

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sinisaduvara | 08:24 am - 1 October 2013

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michaelnorman | 05:56 pm - 29 October 2013

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Hey Ron,

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ryanmccarthy | 05:35 pm - 4 January 2014

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