2 Sep: GW2 Crafting Carnival

Tilce | 24 August 2012 | 2 comments (off)

Come one come all to the TOG Crafting Carnival!

Date: Sunday 2nd September
Time: 3pm AEST Time Event Announcer
Place: Lions Arch Crafting Stations

What is it?
Every Sunday we will run a Crafting Carnival for people to meet and greet, order items made chat and craft together in the same area.

Where is it held?
Each week it will be a different location. Keep an eye on the front page and forums for the location.

To accomodate the various times people play we will be running it at different times each week.
9am AEST - 3-6pm USA and midday-2am EU
12 midday AEST - 6-9pm usa and 3-5am EU
3pm AEST - 9pm-Midnight USA and 6-8am EU
6pm AEST - Midnight 3-am USA and 9-11am EU
9pm AEST - 3-6am USA and 12MIdday-2pm EU

Who can come?
Anyone. You can be a crafter - or you can come and request it.

Other info
It will run for around an hour minimum more if people hang around. RP is welcome and we will have competitions, Best Town clothes, Most interesting looking item found in the Mystic forge. If you cant make this time. 

2 Comments so far

Sweet i will make an effort to turn up.

JenniferHudson | 05:24 am - 13 October 2012

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