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Thread: Nintendo Switch - I'm getting one!!

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    I got my Switch just over a week ago. The daughter has been playing Breath of the Wild like mad. She loves it.

    I quite enjoy it myself. I like the fact that I don't feel rushed. You learn the basics in the first several hours of gameplay (moving, camera, gathering, etc.), then are given the tools you will need to start actually influencing the world (bombs [unlimited BTW = win!], magnet [Magnesis], stop items [Stasis], and freeze water [Cryonis]), and then you are set loose. I love the minimal music and the full environmental sounds. I love being able to save anywhere. I love that it's very "Hey, I wonder what's on the other side of that hill?" friendly.

    I've been taking the game in relatively short bursts of 2-4 hours and I don't mind it in the least.
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    Yep that's what I love about it too. Yeah I can follow a quest line, but it's ok to just wander off and do other stuff if I see something interesting 'over there'.

    I've also found that I enjoy playing the switch as a hand held just as much as on a big screen. I don't feel like it's cramped or I'm missing anything. Graphics are sharp and sound is clear. I tend to play until the battery on starts to go flat (around 3 hours) and then put it down.

    I love the versatility. I can play on the big screen or as handheld. I can take it anywhere with me.

    I have so many games on preorder now that it's becoming just a little embarrassing. Going to finish off paying for Mario Cart 8 next week and really looking forward to that (so is my youngest son who will be playing it with me the most). Then I have another 3 on preorder and seriously considering Rine as well.

    People say Nintendo makes games for kids. Not true, their games have so much depth - you just need to be willing to dive in

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