Left 4 Dead Division Overview

Ulric | 30 June 2009 | Comments off

This division is where the buck stops,we have fps players from CS:S,TF2 COD4 and every other division where all the unwanted low-lifes gather looking for the ‘next game’.

We are here to make it through a world of disaster,we have zombies,special infected to deal with,but we always step up to the plate to deal with the ongoing hordes.
L4D is not for the faint hearted,you get vomited on,tongue lashed(I know a lot of you TOG players would enjoy that) and your stomach ripped out by hunters.The good news is that you can play as one of the ‘special infected’ in one of our many versus matches that get organised weekly.

TOG L4D has a good crew that play together socially,both in OZ and OS and there is now a growing custom map community that is emerging that will see heaps of custom maps available.

The L4D TOG division is a very community based group of players,where some players host servers,custom map sites and generally help out each other with new updates and maps. 

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