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Ulric | 26 June 2009 | Comments off

The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) Division is made up of 2 kinships; one playing the US version of the game and one playing the version licensed by Codemasters for the European market. Both kinships were set up in April 2007 at the launch of the game.

The Osgiliath Guard play on the Elendilmir server and caters primarily for players in the Americas, Oceania and Asia. It is one of the largest kinships on the server and has a wide range of players across time-zones from the Eastern US to Western Australia and Singapore.

The Order of Gilthoniel play on the Evernight server and caters primarily for European players. Unsurprisingly, the largest contingent is the British/Irish. But with a small but increasing group of Scandinavian players; a number of other European nationalities and even one player based in Australia the kinship is truly multi-national!

Both kinships are socially focussed and are keen to help kin members of all different levels of skill and enthusiasm to enjoy the game and get to see the end game content. Both also have groups who are keen to experience the end game content and enjoy the whole raiding experience; and we seek to make regular opportunities to indulge them too.

We pride ourselves on our skills, teamwork and friendly atmosphere. We also put a lot of effort into helping new members. We value all our players equally and encourage players to share experiences and help equip newer members of the kin.

If you are interested in joining the LOTRO division and are already a TOG member please have a look at our getting started thread here. If you are yet to join TOG and wish to become a member please have a look at our application process here.

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