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Pander Bear | 21 March 2011 | 0 Comments

Soon Lord of the Rings Online will be celebrating it’s 4th anniversary, and it’s just going from strength to strength! TOG has thriving communities on both the NA and EU servers. In the last 12 months, in addition to regular free content updates, LOTRO went free to play. We are now looking forward to a major free content update at the end of March (ETA is 21/22 depending on whether you are on the NA server or the European server.

Keli from The Order of Gilthoniel on the EU server has done a load of research and put together the following summary of the changes which are really helpful. Big thanks to Keli!

For those confused by all the changes, here is a summary:

New features in Update 2 coming at the end of March:

  • 5 new instance spaces for level 65!

    • “Stoneheight” and “Northcotton Farm” for 3-person groups
    • “Lost Temple” and “Glacier Fortress” for 6-person groups
    • “Ost Dunhoth” a new 12-person raid

  • The Epic Story continues in “Volume III: Book 3 – Echoes of the Dead”
  • Radiance has been removed from the game! (NB. This is huge since it removes the irritating “gating” from the end game instances)
  • Legendary Items have been reworked to let you carry a Legacy forward from your favourite item
  • The Volume II Epic Story is now accessible to solo players, along with 3 new skirmishes (these are for 2.5.5). (Note : epic storyline Vol.2.Book 5.Chapter 5 was notoriously tricksey and these changes will be universally welcomed with glee, I am sure)
  • Over 100 new or revised quests in Evendim (for levels 30-40)
  • New introductions to Crafting and Monster Play
  • Character Panel has been improved – it looks better, and provides the stats you need
  • Burglar, Hunter and Minstrel class updates

New to the LOTRO Store:

  • Additional Outfit slots
  • Expanded Wardrobe and Shared Storage Space
  • “Map Home” is now a skill – bind to multiple Milestones with new maps
  • Legendary Item slots, along with a range of scrolls and sealed relics
  • Class Skill Deed accelerators
  • Favourite cosmetic items from the community
  • Battle Potion of Restoration (an in-combat cure for wounds, fears, poisons and diseases)
  • Livestock Feed (to increase your mount speed for a limited time)

I for one can’t wait - see you all in Ost Dunhoth!

ooh, nice pics

Thanks Pander Bear, and big thanks to Keli for the info :) See you in OD!

Great article Trish

its really cool sample essays

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