LOTRO: The Blog of a Hobbit called Daphnia - Part 1

Arep | 19 September 2008 | 0 Comments

The Blog of a Hobbit called Daphnia

By Kristy53

Installment number 1

So how did a fine young hobbit like me find herself in such a predicament? Well, to tell you that I will have to tell just a little bit about myself. My name is Daphnia, and I hail from a lovely little town near Hobbiton, known as Bywater. Of course that is in The Shire, which as you would know is the home of the Hobbit.

Like all hobbits I love nothing better than to till the soil and eat of its bounty. I am a farmer and a cook, and I also turn my hand to sewing when the need arises. As a matter of fact, this was once what consumed my days and nights. That was before all the trouble began.

Many in the Shire blame the troubles on the Bagginses. I don’t think that is entirely fair. They do have a talent for finding themselves embroiled in mysterious and unseemly adventures, but I doubt that the troubles are all of their own making. Not even with the help of Mr. Gandalf, the wizard who has befriended the Hobbit race, especially the Baginses of course.

Well this trouble, it seems to me, is affecting the Shire. There are all sorts of comings and goings of tall ones, of Goblins and Orcs, of wild creatures that are acting well beyond the call of their natures. I never thought I would see the day when our land would be over run by Goblins and Orcs, yet I heard tell that there are camps of them near Scary and Brockenborings. That is right in the heart of the Shire! The wolves and bears in that neighborhood are so enraged that an honest Hobbit must think twice before straying outside to farm his land.

I thought about this, and decided it just is not right. There are many other brave Hobbits who are taking up the life of a Bounder, or the life of an Adventurer even, to rid the world of such puzzling occurrences. I decided it was time for me to answer the call of duty and packed my bags and marched off to Michel Delving to see Second Shirrif Bunce, and to take up the life of a Bounder.

Now apart from farming, cooking and of course eating, Hobbits are also very adept at being stealthy. This can come in right handy at times like this. People call me a burglar, but really I don’t go around stealing from honest folk. The ones I am relieving of their excess burdens at present are Brigands, and tall folk at that! When farmer Maggot told me that Violet Underhill, a hobbit concerned with Mat Harfoot’s Vigilance Committee, had gone missing after saying she was going to investigate a brigand camp… well, what could I do? I took myself off to this Brigand camp, and relieved a good many of them of their purse and coin while I was at it.

Sure enough, poor Violet Underhill is at this Brigand Camp, locked in a wagon. I find myself greatly outnumbered as I stealthily sit and observe the scene. It would simply not do for me to run into the camp and put Violet in more danger, nor would it do for me to run. So, I sit and wait for a Kinsman to come and help me save Violet… I sit, remaining stealthy as always, and wait …

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