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The forces of Angmar have renewed their assaults on the free lands of Eriador. The call has been sent out for the Free Peoples of Eriador to unite and throw down the False King of Angmar, Mordorith. Our need is great and our time is short, we must push back the forces of Angmar before they cover all of Eriador in Shadow! Fight along side The Order of Gilthoniel on Evernight or The Osgiliath Guard on Elendilmir as they push back the evil that flows from the gates of Carn Dum.

Your first stop in heeding the call of the Free Peoples of Eriador is to visit the Barracks and become a member of The Older Gamers. Be sure to visit this post. You will need to list and agree to the six required items to be accepted into The Older Gamers. When you have been accepted into The Older Gamers head over to the Lord of the Rings Online Forums and register your character with the kinship you wish to join. If you are in North America or Australia you would join The Osgiliath Guard; or if you are in Europe you would join The Order of Gilthoniel.

The Free Peoples of Eriador are not the only ones calling for aid. The servants of the Great Eye have mustered their hordes in Gramsfoot, the base camp of the dark forces of Sauron in the Ettenmoors. The Thralls of Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs, have answered the call of the Lord Sauron. They come to avenge the death of their Lord Gothmog to Ecthelion. Though they be small in number the Thralls of Gothmog are fierce and deadly on the fields of battle. Exacting their revenge on the Fighters of the Free People who dare enter the Ettenmoors to drive them back.

Follow the same steps above to join The Older Gamers and the Thralls of Gothmog.

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