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Pander Bear | 30 March 2011 | 1 Comment

This blog chronicles the adventures of Seolferwulf. This is being done under a strict set of rules replicating a real world experience. So if the character dies there is no miraculous resurrection; the character has to obey normal travel, eating and sleeping behaviour and there is no easy-mode mapping.

But it’s not all serious and there are many fun moments especially those starring a guest appearance by fellow Kin members.

Follow Seolferwulf’s story here.

I had the chance recently to meet up with Nutkin and we settled down at the Inn in Michel Delving for a leisurely lunch. I have to say I had been looking forward to this since I heard the stories that he allowed Dander to die in a raid because he was eating a pie at the time.

Well, he certainly had an appetite! I’ve never seen so much food tucked away so fast, and I’m no slouch. In fact, I’d swear that some of it was ending up in his many copious pockets for later snacking purposes. Finally he burped prodigiously and sat back in his chair. Now was my chance to ask him about the pie incident.

The Orc camp was not far but was tricky to negotiate, consisting of a series of interlocking rope bridges each of which being guarded by an orc. Thankfully, they were not well trained and I soon dealt with them. I was also lucky enough to find Uzorr on his own and like all orcs was easy to defeat; they prefer fighting in packs like all bullies. In his tent, I found some documents which I brought to Candaith.

“Seolferwulf, I have news of Radagast, but I must ask you once again for assistance here. The letter you recovered from Bleakrift speaks of the Orcs’ true goals: taking control of Amon Sûl! Orc-forces are to move towards the crest of Amon Sûl under cover of night and will move in a large group, establishing small units along the paths from that larger force.

We cannot stand against the force when they are assembled, but we can once they are splintered. They wish to establish an encampment that will allow them a vantage over the entirety of the Lone-lands. We must foil their plans, Seolferwulf!

Gather allies and return to me when you are ready. Together we shall scale Amon Sûl and defeat Rigûl, their leader, before he can carry out his master’s will”

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