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Thread: Attn: Marvel Heroes Players!

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    Default Attn: Marvel Heroes Players!

    Vote for Marvel Heroes Advanced Pack 3!

    Happy New Year,

    Following the link will lead you to a post on the official forums to vote for the Marvel Advanced Pack 3. The poll was started immediately after the announcement of the second advanced pack. The poll was begun nearly a year in advanced so that developer's can get a legitimate idea of what character's their community is willing to pay for. Previous poll's have had mediocre results mainly because they only begin once the hype for the announcement is near, by that time the majority of the decisions regarding the pack have already been made. By starting early developer's can continually use this poll (which is consistently near the top of their two most populated forums) as a guide of reference. As of the New Year their are nearly 700 votes. Come next summer when concrete decision's are being made the poll should have well over 2000 thousand votes. As a developer, such information would be a helpful indicator and impossible to ignore. The poll is updated weekly.

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    Attn: Marvel Heroes Players!

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    Cheers for that, good plan to get the votes started early.

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